Monday, July 30, 2012

Mundane Monday

I know guys, it is Monday again. DRAG!! But guess what, God has created this Monday. He has created it specifically for the purpose of us bringing Him glory and honor. For showing others just how majestic our God is. For being thankful and sending praise to our God for what we have. I know it’s rough; it is Monday for goodness sake, but that is all the more reason to strive for a thankful and joyful heart this day. Let us be glad for this is the day the Lord has made. There is something we can find in it to be joyful about. :) I just know it.

1) Crawling back in bed after an early morning feeding and being wrapped up in cuddles
2) Brownies for breakfast
3) A silly goose boy who is constantly trying to get attention in some way shape or form.
4) Summertime!
5) Vegan sloppy joes!
6) Rockin classical music (Including a purely instrumental version of smooth criminal. It’s fantastic!)
7) God lighting the fire of my dreams under me again last night.
8) Sunshine
9) Big glass of water...actually I am going to go get a refill :)
10) Excited to be trying a Zumba class tonight

11) weight loss!
12) Toning
13) Possible free gym membership
14) feeling and looking healthier
15) PJs
16) A couch set
17) my amazing husband who spoils me rotten

There is so many things to be thankful for when you sit down and think about it. during Sunday school yesterday that was actually the topic. We need to be more grateful. He had a formala for gratefulness. It was G=(J+p)+(S+S). That is Gratefulness=(Joy+Peace)+(Singing+Spoken Word). It is actually a really good formula. When we have joy and peace knowing that our God is sovereign and any circumstance that comes our way is from Him and ordained by Him, then we can be joyful and grateful. And by singing praises and telling others about things going on or telling ourselves the things we are grateful for....well that creates a grateful spirit as well. Something I need to strive for more and more.

Have a blessed Monday everyone!