Monday, November 4, 2013

Mundane Monday

Today is yet another Monday...what are some of the things that you are thankful for today? One way to combat feelings of depression or “mundaness” is to remind yourself all the reason you have to be grateful. Here are some of mine:

1) Our new amazing little boy Jahs
2) A wonderful husband who is so supportive and humble
3) An amazing little boy who is so caring to his little brother
4) Cuddle time with Jahs
5) Fast recovery
6) Devotions
7) Early bedtimes
8) Naps
(noticing a theme? Lol)
9) Candles
10) Fall!
11) Wonderful family who is so willing to do anything to help
12) Meals brought by family
13) God’s provision
14) God’s grace and love

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bragging on my Husband

This was shortly after Jahs was born. :)

I wanted to brag on my husband a bit. It has been amazing watching him. When we had Levi, it was a bit tough. The pregnancy was tough emotionally. I was very hormonal and because we got pregnant a month or two after we got married, we were also still learning how to “deal” with each other as a couple. It was tough and I won’t lie, there were a lot of fights and a lot of tears. I was scared this pregnancy that I would be as hormonal and there would be just as much strife.

Birth Story Part 2

When I arrived at home at about 4, John had me contact our back up babysitter as a “just in case” and then he decided to run a few errands before things got moving. As he was leaving, he asked me to see if my mom would be willing to just head over to our house then and spend the night that way if something happened, she would already be there. At this point, I was starting to have contractions that I had to actually work through and concentrate on. Nothing too painful (there was pain in my back mainly), but they weren't too bad. I continued to clean house and get things ready.