Sunday, July 15, 2012

Passing Children Through the Fire

Have you ever heard of Moloch? He was an ammonite god worshipped by the Cannanites and other groups of people. He was a god that parents sacrificed their children to. Now, if sacrificing kids doesn’t sound awful enough, let me explain HOW this was done. Children were placed on the idol’s outstretched arms and were burned to death, slowly. 

This quote is written from John Milton’s Paradise Lost

"First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear'd with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents tears,
Though, for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud,
Their children's cries unheard that passed through fire
To his grim Idol. Him the AMMONITE
Worshipt in RABBA and her watry Plain,
In ARGOB and in BASAN, to the stream
Of utmost ARNON. Nor content with such
Audacious neighbourhood, the wisest heart
Of SOLOMON he led by fraud to build
His Temple right against the Temple of God
On that opprobrious Hill, and made his Grove
The pleasant Vally of HINNOM, TOPHET thence
And black GEHENNA call'd, the Type of Hell."

The drums and timbrels blocked out the cries of the dying, burning children. How awful. How awful that these people would sacrifice their children and in such a horrific way. And this was done to appease the gods and to make their lives better. Lives with less consequences.

Does this sound familiar? We may be shocked and horrified that they did this back then, but don’t we do this today as well? And it is just blown off. There are cries of millions of babies every day who are dying horrific, painful, gruesome deaths just because the parent’s don’t want to deal with the consequences. They want an easy life. They want to “appease” the gods of this world.

Moloch is not dead. He is raging still today and we sit idly by as the drums and timbrels cover the sounds of the babies cries. Let us take a stand. Let us fight for the lives of these innocent. Let us expose this darkness (Ephesians 5:11).

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