Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yay Padsicles!!

So, just as a bit of a warning for any guys who read my blog, this is definitely a postpartum “mommy” post. Lol Nothing gross, but maybe some TMI's. Just a warning. Lol Though, if you are a husband, this may be a helpful post to read.

When we were at the hospital with Levi, they gave us a ton of pads and Tucks and those things were wonderful, but they didn't last a super long time and I was very sad when the Tucks ran out. Should have went out and bought more, but I thought it was un-necessary. Either way, this time around, I am trying to do everything I can to make the healing process a bit better. Last time wasn't rough by any means, but just one of those “yeah I know what I can do better this time” things.

The first thing I did was get some round makeup remover cotton ball thingys. I don't know what they are called. Lol I filled up an old wet wipe container full of them and poured witch hazel over them. They are now just sitting in my bathroom cabinet waiting for use. Easy homemade Tucks. After I have the baby, I may keep them in the fridge because the coolness will feel better, but we will see.

I also kept hearing about these things women were making called padsicles. I wanted to make some of my own and we will see how wonderful they are. Women who have used these swear by these things, so why not try it. So, I invite you on my journey in making some padsicles. :)

First, I got the biggest pads I could find. I bought some more witch hazel which I poured into a squirt bottle (easier to not waste any) and then some aloe vera. I am a tad hesitant about the aloe vera, but I hear it is amazing....we shall see. So, all my supplies are gather and I have my monstrous pad ready.

After unwrapping the pad carefully (you will want to be able to re-wrap it after you are finished, I carefully take the wing sticky things off and also carefully move the wings out of the way so I can squirt witch hazel on the pad. Most said just make sure it is moist but not soaking.

Then, I squirted some aloe vera along the pad as well.

Carefully put the pad back together.

I then put them all in a freezer bag. Right now they are also just sitting in my cabinet because they aren't going to go bad, but after I have the baby, I will stick them in the freezer (that is where they all recommend you place them, that seem so cold and harsh, but if it is too much, I'll just move them to the fridge instead just like the homemade Tucks). It was also suggested that you wrap them in tinfoil, but after doing that with about half my batch, it seemed to be just a pointless step, so I just wrapped them back in their wrapped, stuck them in the freezer back and called it good. I did as many as my bottle of witch hazel could do. If they work really well, it is super easy to make more. :) I did this while watching my LAST episode of the whole Dr. Quinn series. Boo! It's over now :(( But it is probably for the better. Lol