Wednesday, February 11, 2015

4 FREAKIN YEARS (husband hacked blog)

I wanted a chance to reflect myself…. and since I have no appropriate place to do this…. I hacked this blog.

Today it has been 4 years of marriage…. 4 FREAKIN YEARS! and you know, it doesn't seem like that long at all! Time really flies when you marry your best friend. As I think back and reflect on that, a few thoughts come to mind that I wanted to share.

First and foremost I can almost hear people saying “yeah it’s only been 4 years….” 
but what allows me to write with such confidence and put this out there is this, from the beginning Britt and I saw further than 4 years…we saw until the end of life (which for me happens when I am 103 and Britt and I are both doing something stupid, I am sure I talked her into). We did then we sure as heck do now! 
4 years is nothing compared to our lives, which we merged under complete understanding that there is no turning back…. better (Britt) or worse (me). It is that constant vision of truly knowing that a God based marriage carries through all…  

I would like to pause to say notice above what I have not said is it has been 4 years of marriage bliss…. a continual ongoing odling of each other… It has not been a cakewalk these last 1461 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes and 31 seconds… it has been a marriage, and that’s my understanding of what marriage is… work, for the betterment of the other and beyond that for the others watching and the glory of God.

OK…..Going back to my thoughts,

Another thought I have had is boy how time silences neigh-sayers….
A quick synopsis of our marriage (much broader and open content can be found on this blog site): Britt found out I had a thing for her on Thanksgiving Eve 2010. We had our first date Dec. 4th 2010. And we were married Feb 11th 2011… That’s fast most people would say. Again, 4 years later and I don’t hear them much if at all anymore….
I recall telling Britt wisdom I heard from a leader I look up to Holger Spiewak.
I said “Britt a big speaker told me once that those who care don’t matter… and those who matter don’t care” (This was in reference to an age difference he and his wife Lindsay who are still also happily married). I remember thinking at the time and having a  “yeah we’ll show them” attitude but as stated time passed... I have learned that we didn't have to show anyone anything and we've had nothing to prove yet our love and God's grace has been proved through us which is a blessing (and to be frank can feel like a curse since the most people seem to learn is from the pain we created). I no longer feel that urge to say see told ya and in fact feel a little arrogant and naive that I ever once thought that. There’s no need, in the end we have prevailed through God’s grace, it’s already a foregone conclusion….

Well dang that's all serious n stuff... Here’s some fun facts about something I tell everyone. We've been married for 4 years and Britt's been pregnant the whole time (another sign of a happy and healthy marriage ;).... or after sign…. you get the idea)
Anyway I thought it would be fun to look up and share the following

Out of our 4 years of marriage Britt has been pregnant:

Once During New Year
Once During Valentines Day
Once During Christmas Eve and Christmas
Twice During Halloween
Twice During Veterans Day
Twice During Halloween
Twice During Thanksgiving

And for THREE out of our FOUR Years Together Britt has been Pregnant on:

Mothers Day
Memorial Day
Fathers Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

That’s a lot of being pregnant at parades!

So now on to our wonderful evening! And how are we spending that evening you might ask? 

Unclogging a toilet…. together :) <3 span="">