Saturday, June 8, 2013

West Bloomfield Henry Ford Hospital.....It ROCKS!!!

I am not sure if I have bragged on Henry Ford West Bloomfield enough, but it is an outstanding hospital. I researched hospitals that are good for natural birth here. I was born in Beaumont, but their C-section rate is very high and they aren't very natural birth friendly compared to others. It is like a hotel or a cruise ship...seriously, it is amazing!! Here is another blog mom who also thought so and actually, her blog post is one of the things I found about this hospital and helped me decide!

Not only is this an amazing hospital, but they are great for natural births. They have lots of midwives and one is ALWAYS on staff at the hospital. The hospital is really relaxed and actually encourages a lot of the practices we want to do including skin on skin, breastfeeding right away, not cutting the cord right away, moving while laboring, using their amazing tubs, etc. I wrote out a very specific birth plan with Levi and my midwife was amazing and made sure everything worked, but the nurses there didn't really know what was up and tried a few things that we didn't want. They weren't rude or pushy, they just didn't know. All of the nurses were very sweet and amazing. Another thing this hospital does is their newborn pictures are done by a professional photographer! And it's FREE!! They only do a 15 min session, but any of the family can be involved and the pictures are really really good. I am sooo stoked about that!! Hoping it isn't too stressful though. lol

Here they talk about their facilities including Bella Baby. I think that is amazing and I was absolutely giddy when I found out it was free! lol

I want to show you some pictures from this spa-like hospital:

When we went for our first visit, there was a very nice lady who gave us a tour and took us to a therapy dog's birthday party. It was down here in the "basement." It's such a gorgeous area!

 Here is a picture of one of the labor and delivery rooms. You stay in one room the whole time which is nice. It is about the size of Midland's but still is very nice. I like it a lot. :) It looks more homey than Midland's did.
Another view of the basement area. 
 The main entrance....if you couldn't tell. :P
Yes, they have a farmer's market...inside the hospital. How awesome is that!

Another view of this gorgeous place. I'm not sure where this is....I'll have to find it next time we go. :)

Anyways, that is enough pictures for now. I will take some next time I go. It is so gorgeous. I'm actually excited! lol OH! And they have a Caribou coffee shop like actually walk in and sit down right in the hospital! So cool!