Monday, July 29, 2013

Natural Birth Plans for a Hospital Birth

I did a lot of research trying to find a birth plan. I believe birth plans are important for many reasons. A few being that when you research and plan ahead, knowing what you would do in certain situations. Most of the time just knowing and having knowledge of what could happen helps you to be so much less fearful. I am so glad we had a birth plan for Levi.
I took it into my midwife and discussed it all with her before hand and then the hospital had copies of it because even though the midwife was for natural birth, the nurses didn’t really know what we were doing and why, so having the plan in place helped. They didn’t understand that we didn’t want to be hooked up to monitors and such and so they hooked us up until they realized what we wanted and such. I am so glad we had our wonderful midwife up north. The midwives down here are wonderful, but because there are like 7 different midwives, we won’t be guaranteed the one that I have been seeing when I go into labor, so that is another reason I am glad to have this plan. Now, I am no doctor and so I would do your own research and then talk to your doctor or midwife, but this plan will hopefully help you see how it is possible to have a natural hospital birth. If you are wondering about our reasons for doing it this way, let me know. I’d love to try to answer any questions. :)

Edit: After I wrote this, I sent it over to John to print and go over with me. The biggest thing he pointed out was that I was too nice. He said these aren't preferences, but demands. This is how we want things to go. Of course, if there was a medical emergency, we have a plan for that and I will be discussing with my midwife, but here is the new and improved birth plan. Nothing really is different other than the over all tone.

Brines’ Birth Plan

Brittany Kristine Brines

Doctor/Midwife’s Name(s): Amy Zimmerman CNM, Patricia Scane CNM
Others Attending Birth: Just my husband John Brines, please no residents or students.

Before Labor:
-As long as the baby is healthy and safe, I prefer not to have any time restrictions on the length of my pregnancy but instead choose to just do stress test if it seems necessary.
-If induction seems necessary, I would like to try natural ways of induction before considering medical induction.
Water Breaking:
-If water breaks before active labor, I would like to not have a time limit set and would like to just monitor baby and wait at least 24 hours for active labor to start on it’s own.
-If it seems necessary, I would rather have antibiotics rather than induction
-I prefer to labor and deliver without an medication or drugs unless medically indicated and then only after discussing with my partner
-I prefer not to be offered any pain relief by the nurses.
-I will use natural measures like meditation, massage, breathing and heat/cold to help cope
*I may need to be reminded to use the tub when the pain becomes too much and definitely want to use the tub to help with pain management
-If available, I would like to try using a birthing ball.
-I prefer to have no IV but will consent to a Hep lock if necessary
-I prefer to have no medication to augment labor
-I prefer not to have my water broken before I am pushing
-I would prefer to eat and drink as needed during labor
-If labor augmentation becomes necessary, I would like to try natural methods first including: nipple
stimulation, walking, herbs, etc
-I prefer only external monitoring when needed (not continuous)
-I prefer no internal exams except to establish active labor (if needed) and to check for complete
dilation before pushing
-I prefer that my body tells me when it is time and how to push. I do not want to be instructed on when it is time
- I prefer to move around freely during labor with lights dim and music on
- I prefer to push in whatever position feels most comfortable at the time (though I would like to try on my hands and knees or squatting and would like to be reminded of this when it comes time to push)
-I prefer there not to be a time limit on how long I push as long as baby is healthy
- I prefer no episiotomy unless absolutely required for baby’s safety and would like perineal support,
massage or hot compresses with oil if possible and to be reminded to breath slowly during crowning
- I prefer that no vacuum or forceps are used
- I prefer to try all a natural options before considering a c-section and will only consent to c-section
for imminent medical reason
Birth Preferences:
-Please place baby immediately on my chest and leave baby there postponing any testing until after I have had a chance to breastfeed
-Please do not cut the cord for at least 15 minutes or until it stops pulsing, leaving it attached to baby until then
-Please clean/check baby on my chest and do not separate me from baby
-I prefer that the placenta is born naturally without use of pitocin or any other drug unless there is a risk of hemorrhage
-Should a cesarean become necessary, I would like my husband to remain with me at all times and
be conscious during the surgery if possible. I would also like to have skin to skin with baby while
being stitched and breastfeed as soon as possible.
Newborn procedures:
We have chosen to decline:
• Hep B Vaccine
• Vitamin K Shot
• Circumcision
We will consent to:
• PKU test
• Hearing test
• Necessary emergency treatment
After Birth:
-Baby will be exclusively breastfed, please do not offer pacifier, sugar water or formula
-I wish for baby to remain in my room 24/7 and will accompany baby to any testing
-I do not with to receive any pain medication post labor and will cope with after pains naturally
-I would prefer to leave the hospital as soon as possible after birth
-Should a transfer be necessary for baby, please allow me to accompany baby