Friday, May 31, 2013

It Really Isn't the Mess

I just realized something really isn't the mess my husband makes. It isn't. Tonight, he knew he was going to be doing something that was going to make a big mess....after I had just cleaned the house well before he got home (though, luckily I hadn't vacuumed yet; I knew there was a reason why! lol). Tonight's mess was different though. Why did I feel less frustrated and even willing to do what I could to clean it and actually be willing to clean it all up if need be? It was his apologetic attitude. He came to me and informed me that it was going to be messy (I had already suspected as much), gave me a hug and told me to stay in that chair and not turn around. lol

Sore Abs......While pregnant....? Yes, it's possible!

I have posted about it before and I will again, I am determined to stay fit this time around!!! John had an exercise ball that we finally picked up and I am able to do almost every single ab exercise on it that I couldn't do on the floor laying flat on my back. So, a few days ago, I rocked it out and boy was I sore yesterday and I LOVED it!! I went hard core that day, I did legs (and my legs and butt are sore too) and then I did zumba. I typically only do zumba 3 days a week, but yesterday (my off day) I was frustrated and I used that to vent my frustration. It worked and I felt amazing! Today is my cardio "on day" so I am going to be killing it with zumba again. And I'm excited to be doing more abs and leg workouts.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

18 Weeks and Counting!

We are almost to the halfway mark! It seems crazy. I don't remember this half going by so fast with Levi, but I was telling John, I'm sure the last half will seem slower...I'm hoping not, but I have a hunch it might. I will do that questionnaire in just a second, but I have gained 12 pounds at 18 weeks and according to a tracker I have on my phone, that is 2 pounds above the high end of weight gain. Funny thing is, I feel WAY more fit this time around. My legs and butt are way more trim and firm and I can still see my abs when I flex (well I can see them above my uterus, anything at my I'm going to ask my midwife about it at the next appointment. I honestly haven't thought I've been over eating either and what we do eat, is healthy. Little to no sugar, no processed flours, etc. Though, we did just come home from an amazing Memorial weekend where we ate a TON and a lot of it was junk. So, I'm hoping those 2 pounds are from that and getting back to exercising will shake those off again....fingers crossed. My weekly picture is hard to decipher. It's kind of dark then I added that filter over it. Bad move, but I was too lazy to start over. lol Sorry... Okay, so for the questionnaire:

Thrift Shopping!

So, John and I went to the thrift store and while we were there, they were having a good sale and he let me pick out some clothes. I didn’t get many maternity clothes with Levi. I bought 2 pairs of pants then bought a few shirts that were not maternity but where a few sizes too big. But there are a few things I wished I had last time, so this time I am either going to make them, or try and purchase them. When I was at the thrift store, I found a few great shirts all in a size larger than what I normally wear and I am going to sew elastic in them to make them more accommodating.

The Sunshine Vitamin

I had lab work done yesterday and today I got a call saying my vitamin D levels were extremely low. Which isn’t a big deal, but they wanted me to start taking supplements right away. It’s a tad nerve wracking when you get a call saying they got your blood work back and needed to call you right away...I was like....”yes?!” lol Not a big deal, just need more sunshine. I’m actually thrilled because the symptoms of low vitamin D I have actually been having and they aren’t really all that fun, but I just thought it was pregnancy symptoms. Good thing to know that taking vitamin D will fix it! That’s awesome to me. I love this doctor’s office.

Second Time 'Round Hospital Bag

So, having gone through this already, there are some things that I have learned from last time....or so I hope. One of those things is what to pack in my hospital bag. Now, I have always (always being with been one to pack my bag early. I have literally been holding myself back from starting to pack now and I’m only 14 weeks. Weird...maybe, but I’ve been like that with everything. I get excited and so this is a way to enjoy the time I guess....whatever anyways. I thought I would share some of the things I am going to be packing this time around that we didn’t think about last time around.(This is not my hospital bag....just a picture of

Almost 16 weeks......

I am almost 16 weeks; Wednesday I will be. We sent out a picture to each of our parents and wanted to see if they got what it was all about. I got a text from my dad just asking "what's the date?" lol I will take an update picture soon, but my stomach is still quite flat except when I eat a lot, then it pouches out hugely which is funny. But I didn't show that soon with Levi either, but since this is the second, I expected to show a lot sooner and get bigger fast, I'm thinking it has to do with me exercising and taking care of my abs, they are keeping that uterus in place! lol Good job abs!

Apprehensions of a Pregnant Lady

So, as you all know, we are expecting again. And I must confess, I have a few apprehensions this time around. I thought I would share them with you. Why not, maybe some of you have or are having the same fears or worries? Maybe this will help. :)


When I was pregnant with Levi, I took a few (very few though) belly pictures, but not ones that I could show to others. John said it was weird and that he hated belly pictures. This time I am hoping to talk to him about taking some week by week belly pictures. It’s one thing I regret about my pregnancy with Levi. I wish I had those. They are fun to look at and it’s encouraging and a good help for goal setting for after the baby as well.

Staying Fit This Time

I am determined to stay fit this pregnancy. My goals are to do lots of ab exercises so that after the baby is born, it will be easier than last time to get them back, to have great pregnancy legs (lol), and to do lots of cardio and weight training to be a fit momma!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'll Just Write About It

So, as I am writing this, y’all are not aware of the fact that we are expecting Baby Brines # 2 yet....though if you are reading this, then you know. :) Yay!!


So, I have been doing okay on staying fit this time around....well exercising anyways. I am currently doing a 30 day squat challenge where by the end of it, I will be doing 200 a day! 200!! I am up to 85 a day right now and it increases by 5 every day. I have been trying to do zumba or something like that (like walking) at least 3 days a week. My goal is 30 minutes of zumba, but on days like today, I only accomplished around 20 minutes, though that is totally better than not doing any at all.

Pink Lines

We at the Brines' household are excited to announce that we are expecting another baby Brines. We are excited and of course just a tad apprehensive. John is hoping for a girl. :) I don't really care what it is, but I wouldn't mind a little girl at all. :) It'll be fun to see how Levi is with a baby around. I'm a tad nervous because thinking of having a young child and a newborn is intimidating, but with God's strength and my amazing husband by my side, I know that I can handle it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mundane Monday....a day late

After a long and wonderful holiday weekend spending time with loved ones and having a blast, it is really hard to go back to work. I had an especially hard time because I let my mind think and I listened to myself rather than talking to myself. Always a bad idea. I got all depressed because there is a chance I will be working a ton of hours once summer hits which is not what I am wanting. The money will be good, but it will be very tiring. But, there is nothing I can do about it now, so why let myself get depressed about it. AND if I do, it is a chance to be a good example to those little girls even more since I will be with them more. So, even though today is Tuesday, it feels like a Monday. I thought I needed to write a Munday Monday post for myself and hopefully to help others.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mondays can be...well just ick

I know Mondays get a lot of bad rep. I mean, you have had a glorious weekend now you have to get back to your routine. It can be mundane and just plain no fun. BUT, that doesn't excuse a bad attitude. Trust me, I know it is hard, but there is always always a silver lining--a blessing or two or more that God has in store for us. Sometimes...or most of the  time we are too selfish to see those blessings, so lets write down things we are grateful for on this wonderful Monday. :)