Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Out of the Mouths of Babes

My husband had suggested that I start blogging about all the things that kids say that I watch. It's sad and encouraging all at the same time and so I've decided to take his suggestion and do just that. I am going to have a category on my blog that talks about my experiences I have with the kids I nanny, babysit, or just see.

So, to start us off, a few days ago I was at work and we were all listening to Pandora  I had stations like Flame, Lecrae, KJ-52, Canton Jones, etc. (If you don't know any of these, check out these AWESOME Christian rappers. Great music!) One of the girls asked me, "Who is this singing?" I replied, "I'm not sure, let me look. It is a Christian rapper named Flame." Later that evening, Pandora picked another Christian rap station and it prompted the oldest to ask questions too. She wanted to know if it was Eminem. I told her no, that I don't listen to his stuff anymore because it isn't good. She said that she listens to it. She then asked if we only don't listen to him around Levi and I told her that we don't listen to him at all. She asked if it was because he swears in his songs and I said that, and the fact that the things he sings about aren't good. I told her that the rappers we were listening to were the same type of music, but were Christian singers who sang good songs. She asked what Christian meant. So I explained that. Then she asked if they swear in their songs.

Something as simple as listening to Christian rap around young kids sparks the most amazing conversations. I was able to even explain what it meant to be a Christian. She was very nonchalant about it and just said "oh." lol But, it's in there. It's at least in her subconsciousness  One thing that John pointed out that I didn't catch was the fact that she knew that music by Eminem and the like were not good for kids because she said she listens to it and wondered if we only don't listen is because of Levi. It is so interesting.

Kids are so influential. I am very thankful for this opportunity to hopefully be an example in these girls lives and make a difference by God's grace.