Monday, April 7, 2014

Mundane Monday

I have not written a "Mundane Monday" post in a while and today is definitely a day that it is needed. Yesterday at church, the youth pastor reiterated what my husband always talks to me about, especially when I have a poor attitude. That is how we need to be thankful and how that will change our attitudes drastically. It isn't an "instant fix" of course, but it does help so much.

Today it is a tad gloomy outside and I feel groggy and tired, but regardless, there is so much to praise God for. First, His amazing grace! Oh how sweet the sound! I am saved, He died for my sins and rose and is at the right hand of the Father. He intercedes for me in prayer. My God is awesome. So, here are my things I am thankful for today:

1)A husband who inspires me to workout (He got up when it was still basically night to get up and workout before work! Crazy awesome devotion!)
2)A great workout this morning for myself
3)Reaching my goal fitness level
4)Getting below my goal weight
5)My wonderful boys who by the way are still sleeping
6)Homemade chocolate milk syrup (sugar free, yay for honey!)
7)Crushed eggshells that healed my cavities
8)A wonderful church and sweet fellowship and corporate worship
9)A great ladies Bible study
10)Gloomy weather that is perfect for hot drinks, music, candles, and reading
11)A wonderful family that is filled with strong Christian leaders
12)Being able to make homemade snacks that are really healthy for my toddler
13)Being reminded and reminded and reminded of God's grace and how it should impact my everyday tasks