Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Home in this Temporary HomeAfter

We moved to Pontiac in September 2014, but I never did a post about our temporary home on this temporary home. :) So here are some pictures from our latest place. :)

Our dining room and kitchen area when we just moved in and hadn't decorated yet. I was nervous about the carpet, but it hasn't been too much of an issue and I'd much rather vacuum than sweep actually. lol

Part of our living room.
More of the living room. I love our view of the woods. SO gorgeous!

Because we moved in the fall, here are my skimpy but I think cute fall decorations. :P

An "after" of our bedroom

Blurry picture, but here is the boys room. It looks much different now, but I think I am going to rearrange it to look like this again because I liked this set up. 

I LOVE our large closets!!

I have a laundry room now!!!

After decorating

I hope you enjoyed my virtual tour of our home. I absolutely love looking at pictures of people's homes so I thought I would share some of ours. :)