Monday, February 20, 2012

First Year Anniversary Kidnapping

So, I wanted to share my amazing first year anniversary with my amazing hubby, but thought that writing a few lines in a status wouldn't give it nearly the importance nor do it justice. Solution...write a note/blog post about it. :)

So, for those of you who aren’t friends with my hubby on facebook, here is how it all went. :)

Friday evening he informed me that we had an appointment Saturday morning around 9. I just assumed it was a business appointment for some reason. But then when Saturday morning came, he wouldn’t let me get ready at all. I was lucky I got to brush my knotted rat’s nest head of hair. Then he told me he had a surprise for me and that I just had to trust him and that he was going to take me outside my comfort zone. He then proceeded to have me put my ipod on turned up quite loud, blinded folded me twice, then put on massive headphones hooked up to his phone which also had music playing. Needless to say, I couldn’t hear nor see all. He sat me in a chair while he got the baby in the car, etc. Or at least I assume that’s what he was doing. I really had no idea. I then started to worry about where we were going. The first thought that jumped into my mind was the fact that he had always said we were going to jump out of an airplane some day. I was terrified but then realized he didn’t tell me to dress warm and it was really cold out so that probably (hopefully) wasn’t what we were doing. He came and grabbed my arm and slowly guided me out our door and down a flight of stairs (and that was really scary at first!) Then into the car we went.

We drove around forever. I was really bored. lol I tried to keep track of where we were going hoping to figure something out, but the only thing I was able to make out was that we went to the bank. After that, he was really good at making me loose my sense of direction. Sidenote, if I am ever kidnapped, I now know what I should pay attention to and how to do it. At one point I did figure out that we were literally just driving in circles, but had no idea where.

We finally pulled into the place that he was taking me (I just didn’t know it) and he parked and grabbed Levi then came and got me. When we walked in, I still had NO clue where we were nor could I hear anything (I guess there were lots of people around me talking). I just knew it smelled quite nice so it couldn’t be TOO scary...right? lol

After about 15 minutes or so, he took my blind fold off and there was a lady standing in front of me. She asked me if I knew where I was (I don’t think she believed my husband that I couldn’t hear nor see ANYTHING). Of course I had no idea. We were at the spa RIGHT behind our house. lol He had scheduled for me to have a facial done, hair cut and colored, and makeup. It was fantabulous.

After my facial though I still didn’t know what was coming next, but they took me to a salon seat and told me that John had picked out a hairstyle and I wasn’t allowed to know what it was until it was all done. Then she chopped off most of my hair! lol She then went and mixed up colors and went to work. I couldn’t see it, but I was convinced I was going to have black hair when I was done. She asked me if I was nervous and I said yeah because I love my long hair, but my husband has great taste and I know it’ll be a style he likes, so I’m sure i’ll love it too. Well, I’m not gonna lie, toward the end of the cut/coloring, I was in tears because I was convinced it was going to be awful. It took me a day and I still feel really selfish because I couldn’t hold back the tears and now I feel like a brat because John put so much work into it and I didn’t like it at first (I appreciated it so much just didn’t like the cut). Now I LOVE it.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who spoils me so much. I am so thankful for John and we have had an amazing first year anniversary. God has given me the most amazing husband in the world. All the ladies at the salon were jealous that my hubby was so thoughtful and did all of this for me. I was the talk of the salon for a few days. John,  I love you and thank you!