Sunday, March 25, 2012

From Smiles to the Grumpies

Levi went from being happy to having that pouty lip and whimpering in a matter of seconds. I sat there talking in that “parentese” to him trying to convince him that it was going to be okay and that he can be happy again.

As I did this, I started thinking that with babies whenever they are fussy or grumpy, we will talk to them in our squeaky voices, make funny faces, rock them, sing to them, or do whatever we can to make them content again. Why do we do the opposite with others around us? When they are in a bad mood or having a rough day we like to punish them by giving them the same or a worse attitude than they are giving us. I know that with older children sometimes they need to be punished for having a “stinky” attitude, but even on that note, we shouldn’t have a bad attitude ourselves while doing so. We should be loving and humble about it. With their best interest and God’s glory in mind.

I need to remember this when others around me seem to have a less than pleasant attitude. I need to remember Levi and his smiles/grumpies. The things you learn from babies. :) It’s amazing.