Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are Your Tanks Filled

I love how God works. When it seems like He is teaching me something, I hear it over and over. :) The thing He has been working on me lately is filling my amazing husband’s love tank. I had read the book “The Five Love Languages” and knew about the different love languages. I even knew what ones John was. But, it seemed like his tank wasn’t being filled. I wasn’t doing a good job of trying to fill it and I wasn’t sure HOW to fill it. 

Then, at a seminar, I heard a great suggestion. Her story was her husband had asked her what her love languages were and she stated them, her primary one being quality time. He promptly stated, I’m with you ALL the time (they had both become financially free so he didn’t have a job to go to), and I know that isn’t your love language! But she didn’t know what it was. So they decided to sit down and write out the top ten things that their spouse did that made them feel loved and wanted.

I also read it in a

So, I knew it was something I needed to work on and we should implement. John and I did it. And boy has it been enlightening and awesome. Some of his are so easy! If I just did these things, he would feel loved! And guess what, a clean house is no where on that all. They are simple things. Things that don’t take much time. But that mean the world to him.

I wrote my list as well and even though we haven’t sat down to talk about our lists, I knew he had started working on filling my love tank as well. Yesterday he worked really hard on it. I’m a big physical touch person. Even when I got frustrated and hurt yesterday, him implementing my love languages and filling my tank helped melt away that hurt and frustration so much faster.

I am no expert and have a LONG ways to go when it comes to striving to fill his tank, but I can say just from the short time that it helps.

Lets strive to fill our spouses love tanks. If you need to, try the exercise above. It has been SOO helpful for us and it’s fun. :)