Monday, September 10, 2012

Mundane Monday

It is Monday yet again. Yay! For us SAHM’s Mondays can prove to be difficult as well. Our weekend is over, our adoring hubby is back to work, there are chores to be done, and mundane things to accomplish.
Even so, remembering that our God is wholly sovereign is great comfort. Knowing that this is the day that He created and we need to rejoice. Have we ever really thought about what that verse means? God created this day, this Monday the 10th of September specifically for you and me. He created and allowed each specific turn of events just for us to bring Him glory and to make us stronger. The baby that won’t take a nap, the water that spilled all over, the pile of incredibly tall dishes in the sink, the land lady stopping over while you are in a robe and wearing a honey mask, each of these things were created by God just for you and me. Let us rejoice. We serve a sovereign God. He is working in our lives in the smallest of ways each day. What things are we thankful for on this seemingly Mundane Monday? Here are a few of my things:

1) Falling asleep in my husband’s arms and not waking up when the embrace was broken.
2) A happy baby that is advancing and always smiling....well most of the time. ;P
3) A new wonderful job
4) Chocolate Milk!
5) Candles
6) Fall time being right around the corner!
7) The smell of a scentsy burner
8) Warm soup
9) A tidy house
10) Time to chill
11) Getting things done early

There is always something we can be thankful for. What are yours?