Sunday, April 21, 2013

Grateful for my husband

I don't tell him enough. Nor do I tell others enough. I am so grateful, blessed, amazed, awed, in love with, and just absolutely twitterpated with the man I get to lay next to each night. Last night we had a lazy evening filled with Britain's Got Talent, Survivor, and cuddling. I loved it. This evening, we all went to the park together and walked while John played disc golf. We also got to meet a hero dog named Leila who helped us find a disc that got lost in the leaves. I was going to write a Mundane Monday post, but instead I want to write a post on why I am so grateful for my husband. Now some of you may be going through some rough waters in your marriage, and I want to let you know, our marriage is by no means perfect. We have our rough times....every other night. lol It seems like it's that often. It also seems like we have a big fight once a month. By God's grace, we are having less and less of those times and when we do, we make up much quicker. God definitely uses marriage to sanctify us, and for that I am grateful. I hate those "bad" times, but I am grateful that God is using them to grow us closer to Him and more Christ-like despite the sinful attitudes. So, if you are struggling and things seem rough, I want to let you know that we have those times as well. Don't lose heart, and even when you are in those times, instead of finding the bad in your spouse which is so easy to do, write a list of the positives, even if it is just the fact that your husband provides for your family, or that he smells nice, write it out. Write something, and pray. Pray hard. Pray that God would humble you and hold you and don't loose hope. Even though my husband is amazing and I am blessed, he and I are both only human. Even so, here are all the reasons he makes me smile. :)

-Even when he is mad, he is amazingly humble and accepts my apologies when they are sincere.
-He apologizes often.
-When I am napping, he comes in quietly and holds me while I sleep.
-He tells me that when we go to bed at night and he holds me, how it's his favorite time of day. Heart smile!
-He appreciates my cooking.
-He likes doing things as a family.
-He randomly meets us at the park.
-He's the only dad at the park actually playing with his kid.
-He challenges my thinking.
-He helps me do, dry, and put away the dishes when I am tired and stressed without being asked either.
-Not only does he work very hard (this week he has not had a day off yet), but he genuinely cares for all of his clients.

There are so many others reasons, but I need to finish up this post so I can go spend time with my man! :) Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!