Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Courageous, What Does it Mean?

As most of you are aware (as even I am and we don't own a TV....thanks Facebook for making sure we know what is going on in the world!), there are a lot of things going on in this world lately. First we have the Duggar "scandal" and I won't go into too much of my opinion on the matter because there are just so many sides to it and there have been many articles written by amazing theologians and pastors that do a way better job at explaining things than I ever could. I will say though that we are all sinners. Of course what he did was horrific and awful and I feel sickened for the poor victims. I do not have a "side" on which I stand.

Then there is the matter of a man named Bruce Jenner who had a sex change. But, that isn't the whole of it, not only did he get a sex change and went very public about it (make the cover of a prominent magazine) but he also ended up winning the "Courage" award because supposedly what he did was extremely courageous and worthy of winning an award. Now, I was going to write about how the runner up was way more worthy of this award, but ESPN has stated that the rumor that a young veteran named Galloway was not a runner up as they do not have a "runner up" for this award. But, I am still severely shocked at the fact that he still one this award. For what did he win this award? For sinning and proclaiming, celebrating, parading, and reveling in his sin? Looking to the world for praise and support? I will say that I do not think that homosexuality and transgender-ism are anymore sinful than any other sin. It is all sin. The fact is that this type of sin is different in the fact that it is paraded and encouraged by society today. One does not get awards for being a drunk or viewing pornography. One does not get awards for being an adulterer and cheating on one's spouse. One simply does not get an award for murdering or domestic violence. Yet, a person who is a man and becomes a woman doesn't just make the cover of a magazine praising the fact that he did so, but he gets an award for it.

I know this is going to be a really slippery slope I am about to take but I pray that you understand
where I am coming from and that I in NO way think that what Josh Duggar did was right in ANY way. If we as a society praise a man for becoming a woman, why not praise Josh Duggar for fulfilling HIS sexual orientation and desires as a young boy? Why is that wrong then? Why shouldn't Josh Duggar be awarded for following through with his sexual desires that he was "born with?" He was courageous to molest little girls was he not? No? What is the difference?!

Friends, I feel like this post is just all jumbled up and just a tons of random thoughts that I am having about all of this. We have here two sinful actions that are made very public. One is praised, another is being demanded justice from. Why the difference? I struggle to realize that the world can only do things in a sinful manner. It is NOT free from sin so we can't expect any more. It is still sad and I pray that even though I am a sinner as well, I can strive to bring God glory and help shine His light in this world. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of "awful" in this world, but friends, God is sovereign. We should cry out in rage that our God is being spat upon and cry out in anguish that there are dear souls at stake. Let us pray for our fellow man. Let us make sure that the anger we feel is actually righteous anger. Anger that the glory and holiness of God is being spat upon. Let us pray for this world and keep a humble heart remember we were once the same way and then "But God!"