Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Faith like Abraham...What Does That Mean?

I was reading today in D.L. Moody's book "Spiritual Depression" on the chapter entitled plainly "Trials." First off, this book is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it. Yes, it is a challenging read and I have been slowly trodding through it for....well over a year. I started it when I was pregnant with Levi. Anywho, it's awesome. Don't be intimidated by how long it has taken me to read it. That is just my laziness and yet I'm thankful that it has taken me this long. It seems like each time I pick it back up, it is at just the right time.

As I was reading today, something brought to my attention Abraham and how he was very faithful. He trusted God....he really, really trusted God. His faith was real. God asked him to kill his only son!  Now, I know we have all heard this story, but let's think about it a bit more. For those of you with kids, what if God told you to kill your son or daughter? To make it even more significant (as if killing own of your own children isn't enough) let's say that you struggled to get pregnant and have children to begin with and it would be very unlikely that you would conceive another child. You were told my medical professionals that you would have no more children. This was basically their case. Yet what did he do? He trusted God. Now obviously, God probably isn't going to tell anyone to kill their children......but, what about families who have lost little ones "too early?" Or any situation really, whether it is the death of someone we love dearly or financial troubles, or the fact that all of a sudden your child refuses to eat anything at all (our minal trial at the moment), do you trust God? Obviously, that doesn't wipe away the pain, but knowing that we have an amazing God who is in control is so comforting.

If any of you are going through trials, no matter what they are, remember that God is there. Just as He was there with Abraham. Let us strive to respond as Abraham did. Let us trust our amazing God and praise Him through our tears and fears. Stay weak my friends knowing God is strong. :)