Thursday, December 13, 2012


I am sitting here trying to figure out what to write. I will have blog post ideas pop into my head almost daily, but it seems when I go to actually write something.....nothin'. lol But then I decided that I am grateful for the time in the evenings to actually be able to sit here and have my mind quiet.

A quiet mind can be such a blessing. One doesn't have to have a quiet mind when everything around you is quiet, it is possible--difficult, but possible-- to have a quiet mind in the midst of the craziness of every day life.

Some examples of how I've striven--okay not striven  I was anything but intentional about it today, but still God blessed me--to have a peaceful and quiet mind today. I carved out time for devotions. I got a tall glass of white grape and raspberry juice, sat in John's massage chair (boy is that thing amazing, we are selling it because it was an unwise emotional financial decision to buy it, but if it doesn't sell I won't be sad either lol), with pandora playing softly in the background reading God's amazing and wonderful word. Later, as I nursed Levi, I sat in that amazing chair again, once again listening to pandora this time also listening to God's word on audio. Able to sit there relaxing, spending time with my heavenly Father and share God's word with my son along with some giggles as the massage chair made mommy shake. lol He enjoyed that a lot.

It felt good to get my to do list almost accomplished. There are still things needing to get done (for example, the dishes! Always dishes! lol), but knowing that it's okay. They will get done.

What are some ways that you can think of to have a quiet mind? Maybe it is sitting back while the kids play loudly in the background, cause yourself to just observe and thank God for them. Thank God that He has blessed you with those sometimes very loud and sinful children and that you get the chance to strive to fight back against this sinful world and hopefully--Lord Willing--bring up children who will be a witness and a light in this dark world. Even in the stressful times, I pray that both you and I are able to sit back and have a quiet and peaceful mind. So, tonight, strive to have that. Cuddle with your husband, hug your kids, drink a nice warm beverage of some kind, play some soft relaxing music (I highly recommend the George Winston station on Pandora), maybe light some candles. God is good and gracious. I am thankful for this quiet mind. :)