Monday, February 25, 2013

Mundane Monday

Hi Guys! How is everyone? Today is Monday. It can be a Mundane Monday, but it doesn't have to be. :) One way that we can be joyful is to thank God for all the amazing blessings that he has well blessed us with. What are some of yours today? I would love to read them. Please comment with what some things are that you are grateful for today on this Monday

I heard a quote yesterday, though I can't remember the exact quote, I will try my best. It was by Eric Ludy and he said "Instead of praying for joy, pray for the Prince of Joy to dwell within you." How true is that. Instead of praying for joy, we should pray that Christ indwells in us and we become so like Him, that His joy just overflows from us.

1) Strawberry milk! LOVE!
2) My job. I love the girls I work with. They are such a blessing.
3) Spring is near!
4) THe thought of wearing tank tops and shorts again!
5) Hitting goals.
6) My amazing husband.
7) The fact that he is so sensitive to what I am or am not feeling.
8) My joyful little bundle of energy.
9) Watching Levi play contently by himself and enjoying it so much.
10) George Winston.
11) 15 lb weights!
12) 40 lb weights! Hecks yeah!
13) Sore stomach.
14) Quiet, intimate devotions.
15) Clean sink....well soon to be clean sink. ;P
16) Sunshine.
17) Thoughts of going to Lake Michigan this year for my hubby's bday and making it an amazing time.
18) Walking 8 miles IN Lake Michigan with him.
19) Eating Fish and chips.
20) The things Levi finds funny.
21) Food provisions that God has blessed us with.
22) A week off.
23) God's word.

Speaking of, I need to go read. :) And Levi, I'm sure, wants his breakfast...or rather his second breakfast. :P Again, I would LOVE to hear the things y'all are thankful for. Blow up the comments section!!