Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Clarification

I wanted to write a clarification for my post "Emotional Stability" from the other day. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew I wasn't saying that because we aren't strong and that we should lean on Christ give us an excuse to be emotional and sinful in our attitudes. When we are overwhelmed we are telling God He isn't running our lives right basically. Though if we are overwhelmed yet trusting and crying out to Him asking Him for help, that is fine. Many of the people in the Bible did that. The Christian life isn't always roses and sunshine, it really just stinks sometimes, but it stinks with peace. lol Knowing that we have a sovereign God is an amazing feeling.

But I'm getting off on a rabbit trail, I just wanted everyone to make sure that I was NOT saying that we can just be like "eh, I'm emotional, I get caught up, God just made me that way. He did it so He will seem and be recognized as stronger so just deal with it!" That's not it, we should use our weakness to bring glory to God. Letting others know that we may fail and not be able to handle it all, but God can.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. :) Enjoy the snow if you got some like we did!!