Monday, August 12, 2013

29 Weeks!!! Yay!!

I thought I would write a pregnancy update post for those who enjoy reading them like myself (reading other’s updates that is lol). First things, we had a midwife appointment on Friday that was good. I am getting to like Amy more and more. She is very nice and so far I have only seen the other midwife once. I am praying that it is Amy who is present at the birth because I am building a relationship with her and even when I schedule appointments with the other midwife, something has always happened to where I end up seeing Amy instead, so I am praying that is a sign. :) The other midwife is nice as well (I haven’t met the others that don’t work in the office), but since I don’t know her as well, I am hoping that it is Amy that is there. Anywho, everything is good. She said Baby B is already head down and she seemed surprised by that. I can’t remember when Levi was head down. She said my weight is perfect and on track (I am still freaked out by it but she said it is wonderful). Also, my glucose or sugar test was so normal they marked it as abnormal and retested it! lol She said it was absolutely perfect, so our sugar free diet is working (other than natural sugars like pure maple syrup and honey.). That was wonderful to hear. :)

Lots and lots of movements going on with Baby B. Sometimes I have to cushion the movements with my hands because it hurts sometimes. The other night, I felt a knee and a foot really clearly. I was never able to distinguish between parts with Levi. No stretch marks yet, though I didn’t get them with Levi, so I am hoping that it is the same this time around. I am still trying to drink lots of water and use my coconut oil to prevent them. So far it is working.

We officially announced on facebook, so it’s not a secret on there anymore. Well it was never a secret, but people didn’t get it. :) I was calculating last night and realized that we only have 7 more weeks before I COULD go into labor and anywhere from 10-12 weeks until I will for sure go into labor either way. Lol So, that is exciting. I am just over 7 months now or 29 weeks (31 according to what I think...trying not to think about that too much though so I don’t get disappointed when I see the due date time I think it will happen go by. Lol).

We had a gender reveal this weekend at my parent’s house. It was a wonderful time. Just a few immediate family members. We did a 50/50 raffle to guess the gender and then popped a balloon to reveal the gender. It was fun. :) While we were up there, we played lots of games like Wits and Wagers and Forbidden Island. The food was so yummy too. I was feeling really icky a few days before we left. I just felt down and depressed and very “pms-y.” It caused strife between John and I, and I just did NOT want to go up north. I just wanted to stay home and see no one. Of course my icky mood made John and I not too fond of each other and we ended up arguing, but it actually did end up solving a lot and we have a battle plan for when we are both feeling down in the dumps now. And, I was soon excited to go up north again. It was a blast and I was so glad we went. Pregnancy hormones, I tell ya. Lol

I am not doing very good at taking the veggie pictures anymore. Hm, I will have to look and see what it is this week and get some pictures because today is my grocery shopping day. I need to get on that.....
Until then, here are some belly pictures. :)