Friday, August 23, 2013

Awesomeness and Parks Versus Awesomeness and Messy Living Rooms

There is a song I hear on the radio down here and I think the song is just called “Awesome.” I am not sure of the artist, but I will see if I can find it and post a link. It is more of a charismatic song, but the theme of the song is that our God is awesome. It repeats that over again. I love it. Our God is awesome. He is glorious. This song is stuck in my head/heart today.
Levi and I were able to make it to the park again yesterday and this time I brought something for me to do so that he could just play for as long as he’d like and I wasn’t bored like the first time. Lol I brought my journal, my Bible, and what I like to call “My Johnny Awesome Journal.” The last one is a notebook that I am keeping that I write down all the things about my husband that remind me of how blessed I am. The point is to write them down when I think of them and then to tell him about the ways later–I am still working on the latter part....see  this blog here post here as I explain that this is a bit of a struggle. I loved the time I was able to spend writing and reading God’s word. It was precious. I sat in the shade and just read and prayed and wrote. Levi played in the sandbox the whole time perfectly content. It was such a refreshing time and something I need to do more often.

There are some areas or surroundings that seem to make this easier. I went on a short term mission’s trip as a chaperon with a youth group a few years back to Kentucky and a few mornings I got up before everyone and went outside in the misty morning looking at the mountains and just prayed. I treasured that time. The view of the mountains and the mist and fog rising up; it was so wonderful. It was a reminder that our God is awesome. Sometimes it is almost easier to feel “spiritual” during these times, but what about days like today where I am hot and uncomfortable and tired and I don’t have a gloriously wonderful place to just sit and meditate? What then? It doesn’t matter, my God is awesome. Any place should be a place where I can get close to God and just see what He would have me hear or learn. Spend time in His word. And spend time in His word because it is a chance to grow closer to Him, learning more about His awesome and glorious ways not because it will make me feel better–though it does–or to check it off of a list of should dos–though I do. It is like missions and evangelism. It is so much easier to have that “missionary mind set” when you are in Africa or on a trip deemed a “mission’s trip.” It is so much harder to have that mind set here at home in the “mundaness” of life. But our God is awesome. No matter where or when, we need to bow our hearts before Him and declare His awesomeness. Whether at the park enjoying a glorious day or at home, uncomfortable, hot, muggy, and with messes all around you, God is awesome and we can find respite in Him.

Here is the song. I hope you enjoy. :)