Wednesday, August 21, 2013

God's Sovereignty and Mundane Days

The sovereignty of my God is an awesome thing. He is wholly in control.
Today was an emotionally draining day with Levi. He wasn’t bad necessarily, he was being a kid. I was tired and trying to accomplish a lot. I seemed to be telling him to leave stuff alone, put something back, be gentle to the cat, those aren’t yours to play with, or Levi, please come here all afternoon long. All the negative was discouraging me. Trying to come up with more positive, less draining ways to keep him out of stuff, I tried to have him play with certain things etc. I felt bad for him, but I was also getting frustrated and even more tired.
 I accomplished a lot of things. Things in the house got organized, his bedroom got cleaned, curtains were hung, our bedroom was completely rearranged, laundry was done, lunch and dinner were made, but one thing was not accomplished. I wanted to take Levi to the park. I wanted to walk down there for the exercise and then let him play outside in the fresh air together with me. Guess what got shoved aside on my to do list.
Yes, I am glad that I accomplished what I did and I am grateful that I was able to because honestly today is what I would consider a “bad pregnancy day” because of the cramping, aches, pains, and tiredness. But, what did I do to spend quality time with Levi? We did play together and we sang songs and such, but still the fact that the park got shoved aside bothered me. I read this article this evening and it really struck home. I had a frustrating day today and this evening isn’t going so hot either. I’m tired and emotional, but my God is still sovereign. He’s sovereign over the missed park, he’s sovereign over Levi exploring EVERYTHING today, He’s sovereign over the icky evening. He’s also sovereign over the good things. Levi informing me he had to go potty, a nice arranged bedroom that is decluttered. Clothes that are washed and put away. God is sovereign. This is a truth I need to embed deep in my heart. When I feel my heart and soul getting frustrated and worried or stressed, I need to remember God is sovereign and realize every situation is designed for me personally. God knew it would happen and is using it to grow me more Christ-like.
So, whether it is a tantrum or being bummed about missing the park, realize that God is sovereign and we can learn something from each situation. I need to manage my time better, lean on God, and thank Him for my amazing little man who sometimes wears me out physically even though he is shorter than my knees! :)

*By the way, this is a day later and we did make it to the park today. :)