Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A "Real" Post about Exercising while Pregnant

I wanted to write a post that is “real” for all the other pregnant moms out there. First as a disclaimer, I am not complaining and I am very thankful that I have had a wonderful and easy pregnancy so far. This post is because I have been reading a ton about how women who exercises and feel wonderful and are able to do like 2 hours of exercise 7 days a week, or something crazy like that.
I have been barely able to keep up with 4 days a week if that. When I do work out, I can barely get in 20 minutes before I start cramping too badly to be able to continue and I feel so lazy because what I do accomplish is barely anything at all. Squats are extremely hard to do more than like 40, I am lucky if I can do any cardio that I would consider “normal.” But I am trying to do something. I feel lazy and want to make sure I am not using stuff as an excuse, but I wanted to write a post about being “real.” I am exercising, but not like I normally would. Sometimes I am only able to do 10 minutes of zumba, but that is 10 minutes of zumba. Today, I was able to get some cardio, ab, and leg workouts in, but I started cramping and contracting and had to stop and I was on the couch for a few hours afterwards. That was very frustrating. But after resting and drinking water it subsided. It seems to be getting harder and harder, but I am trying to continue doing something. John has been doing more working out too which is so helpful because it helps motivate me to want to workout harder.

So, all of you pregnant women out there who wonder how those crazy women who are able to do like 2 hours of exercise every day, realize that we are not all like that. Yes, exercise is good and yes we need to strive to exercise more, but realize that whatever you are able to accomplish is good. Even if it is only 5 minutes of something, it is better than just sitting on the couch not doing anything. Something that helps me is when I am feeling exhausted and wanting to take a nap, I make myself do at least one zumba video (I normally want to do more). It helps me feel better. Most of the time, I still need my nap, but some days the exercise does help. Though lately, I have been finding that more and more I do just feel more tired afterwards, but I feel great knowing I did exercise by doing something.