Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are They All Yours?

So, my whole last post was basically about how people I know will question us having more than 2.5 children AND having them so close. Well it started yesterday.
I went to my first OB appointment and first let me state a disclaimer, I absolutely adore the receptionist. She is a sweetheart and hilarious. She has an attitude and is just plain fun to be around. She always recognizes me. So, this isn't against her and I know she really didn't mean anything by it, most people don't. I think most people really just aren't thinking or are trying to start a conversation. Her comment was, "You are here for a pregnancy confirmation? Girl! What am I going to do with you? Weren't you just here pregnant? Lord Jesus!" I just smiled and sat down. I got a totally opposite result from my super awesome midwife (By the way, if you haven't, check out all the reasons Henry Ford West Bloomfield is so awesome and how you should use one of the midwives there in this post: Henry Ford West Bloomfield), Patricia Scane (totally recommend her. Last pregnancy I saw almost every single midwife--EXCEPT the two who ended up delivering Jahs go figure-- and she is absolutely awesome. (ETA Janice Mcintosh ended up delivering this baby and she is another one of my favorites. All the midwives are great, but these two just take the cake. They are so awesome and loving and motherly. Adore these ladies.) Her sincerity and just love for you and your kids is awesome.). She came in to Jahs crying reached over to pick him up and started playing with him. She is just one of those people who really makes you feel comfortable and like you would love to just be friends with. She played with Levi and talked with me and gave me the warmest congrats ever.

It is funny because right before this happened, a blog post was floating around Facebook which really hits home to this issue. She articulates it so much better than I. Here is the post, check it out: