Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No Excuses!

I will use NO EXCUSES for myself. Not having a jogging stroller--not an excuse. Not having someone to watch the kids and having to work around sporadic and often naps--not an excuse. Feeling more exhausted than I think I have in my whole life--not an excuse. Feeling bloated and fighting nausea--not an excuse. Feeling icky emotionally--not an excuse!
I am not saying it stinks some days. Boy does it ever. There are days where I give myself excuses like John won't be home for me to go jogging/for a walk without the kids and I don't want to take them out so I just stay in. Or it looks like it might rain, so I just stay in. Or when the kids get up from their naps, my burst of energy is gone and I stay in. No excuses! I worked too hard to get my body where I wanted it to use excuses. I can do it again this time! I actually got bigger with Jahs than I did with Levi, BUT I lost the weight and got toned WAY faster than I ever did with Levi and I account that to the fact that I worked out (especially strength training and lots of it and zumba) my whole pregnancy. I am struggling this first trimester but I keep telling myself that there were women out there who were actually puking all day and still worked out; I just feel bloated and nauseated. When I am tempted to eat something sweet, I am working on not giving in. Pregnancy is NOT an excuse to eat whatever you want. I need to eat healthy and right. I need to drink lots of water (which will help prevent cellulite, water weight, and help me feel fuller. PLUS it gives you energy. Why wouldn't I want all of that?!). I am NOT eating for two. That is a lie that we women use and we regret it later.

Ladies, I am not saying this is how it goes every day. There are "failure" days, but when I have a failure day, I am choosing to instead just get back on track and not let it bother me. Even if I am only able to get outside and walk 1.5 miles, that is better than doing nothing!
I am trying to workout in the mornings and if I do, my reward is a much needed nap! Lately I have been napping EVERY DAY except for yesterday and I was a total emotional nutcase...and my naps aren't just power naps, they are like hibernation naps. I have been taking at least 1.5 hour-2 hour naps and it feels wonderful. I am able to get so much done in the afternoon afterwards. I am so blessed and thankful that both boys have a wonderful sleep schedule. God is awesome and has blessed me with two amazing boys and blessed me with books and friends and experiences that have helped shape their sleep habits so that this third pregnancy, I am still able to rest. That is one nice thing about having the kids so close together; everyone is still taking naps so mom gets to too!
ETA: This pregnancy I ended up barely exercising at all. I gained the most amount of weight this time around too, but the baby ended up being the same size as Jahs. So far at 2 days postpartum I've lost 15 of my 50 lbs. So not bad. We'll see how easy it comes off since I didn't exercise. I'm not worried even if it is more work, but this does go to show that exercise DOES help! My body normally puts on a lot of weight during pregnancy even when I DO exercise, so when I don't, it really packs it on!