Monday, January 19, 2015

Guess What?

I figured out why I have been so exhausted and emotional. It feels good to have some answers and strive to fix the problem.
The reason you ask? We are expecting Baby Brines Trois!! :) So, I am doing it again, I am writing a bunch of blog posts ahead of time because I am excited and want to write (plus if I don't type it all out now, it won't get typed out).  I joked with John that first all of our kids have been surprises (wonderful surprises but still surprises none the less). He also joked around and said that this was just Jahs's twin that is just taking forever. ;P

I honestly expect a lot of "talk." And guess what, I am okay with that. I would probably cock my head too if someone I knew posted that they got pregnant when their youngest was still 6 months. But, this may seem crass, I don't care what other people say. I am thrilled we are having another one (I had many feelings at first; I'll explain more later). I've always wanted a large family, but I don't know how many. God is in control of that. There is a lot more to consider this time around. Like, we will probably not be able to stay here again because we only have two bedrooms, we definitely need a bigger vehicle, we will have two in infant seats, two in cribs, two in highchairs, etc. It will be like having twins....almost.

For those who may shake their heads at us asking if we don't know what birth control is, let me answer the questions you may ask or at least be thinking to clear the air now. :) First, we do know what birth control is. We don't use the pill or any form of hormonal BC. We use Natural Family Planning along with other forms of non-hormonal BC (feel free to message me privately if you would like more information). We choose not to use BC for personal conviction reasons. In a nutshell, it can be abortive (can be) and because of that, we choose not to use that because of the "could be" chance. Next, even though I had mixed emotions in the beginning (even before I took the test, I knew I was pregnant and was just scared to verify it lol), I am very glad we are having our kids so close. It will be great that they will be able to bond. Sure, it'll be hectic at times, but what isn't at first? Isn't a new job? Why start a new job if it is going to be hectic and you may feel like you are over your head? If we had that mentality, we wouldn't do anything new. Most of my emotions were selfish. My biggest one was I am in way better shape than I was before I even got married and I figured the pregnancy would "ruin" that, but instead it is a chance for me to just prove again that pregnancy doesn't have to ruin your body and having more than one kid doesn't have to and is in fact an opportunity to prove how amazing your body is and how you can get into amazing shape.You don't need to eat for two and you can still workout. (I have been REALLY bad about working out though right now, I will admit that. I NEED to make that a habit again!!!)

Another thing people may be thinking is how are we going to financially care for a family of five? I don't know, but we will. :) God is in control. It is a great chance for our faith in Him to grow and I am not worried in the least. We will make it work. For the first year, the baby doesn't add any added expenses since we use cloth diapers and I breastfeed almost exclusively until a year.

So, yes we are expecting Baby Brines Trois sometime in January around my birthday no less. So far, both other kids have been almost 5 days early exactly, so we'll see if this one is, if so, that puts it right at my birthday. Most people will be thrilled, but I know that of course there are going to be people who shake their head and think we are irresponsible; I am okay with that. This is our life. :) (Smile sweetly while stating something that may seem offensive lol) Again, God is in control and like John has always said "Those who matter, won't care. And those who care, don't matter." But again, I doubt any of you really have an issue with this. Plus, I am sure we will have more kids, so get used to it. ;P lol Hehe okay enough of the harshness.  I am 6 weeks as I right this and baby is the size of a lentil; not big at all if any of you have eaten lentils! (Lentil soup...yum!!)