Monday, March 4, 2013

Mundane Monday

Hi Everyone!
How are you doing on this wonderful, glorious Monday that God has created just for us?!

What do y'all have to be grateful for today? I know it's Monday,  but instead of doing the thing that comes naturally to us--grumble and whine about it, trust me I'M the expert in this area!--let's rejoice and thank God for this beautiful day. Even if you struggle to find something, think of something to be thankful for. God has blessed you with breath and the hairs in your ears. Yes the hairs in your ears. without them, your brain wouldn't receive the sound messages and you wouldn't be able to hear....unless you can't hear, then be thankful that you are able to read this. :) God is awesome and there is ALWAYS something we can thank Him for!

1)My amazing husband how is always thinking about me.
2)John asking me if something he asked me to do would be too stressful for me.
3)Him asking how my day looks before asking me to do anything for him. So selfless!
4)Sick baby cuddles.
5)A wonderfully behaved sick baby who is so phlegmatic I feel bad for him!
6)Chicken. :)
7)Good books.
8)Watching Ice skaters ice skate from all over the
10)Peppermint oil.
11)Fat Fat.
12)When fat fat poops IN the litter box. :) It's the simple things ya know.
13)A warm car on a cold morning.
14)The sun peeking in our windows in the evening.
15)Having the blinds open while watching the snow fall.

God is good. :)