Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sadness....and Alcohol

I had a sad but good experience at work today. One of the girls had a friend over and this typically goes one of two ways, either they get really bored and want me to entertain them or they get crazy. Today they got bored. lol So they asked me what they should do. I suggested making some Saint Patrick's day decorations. While they were making them, they asked what Saint Patrick's day was anyways so I told them. None of the girls go to church (they HAVE gone before, but don't regularly go at all), so I tried explaining that he was called a saint (which of course ensued questions and one of the girls said "OH! So he was basically a missionary!" Smart girls. ) and I explained what he did and what his life was like. They asked why do we celebrate it like we do now then so I was honest and just said I'm not sure. People use it as an excuse to drink alcohol and get drunk (and this is nothing new to them either even though they are 11, 11, and 6, while the girls have play dates, the mom's have "wine dates."). The talk of Saint Patrick's day didn't last long; the conversation soon turned to alcohol. The one girl stated how her dad gave her some to taste before and she really liked it. The other girl said that she had tried it before too and liked it. Then they proceed to ask each other what types of alcohol each other had tried. It was a very sad and disheartening conversation to hear especially from such young girls. What are those parent's thinking? These girls were so proud of the fact that they had drank alcohol before and were talking about the different places where they would be allowed to drink because the legal age isn't as high as it is here.

It's so sad to see. I don't think I made enough of a difference tonight, but I hope the talk of Saint Patrick and what he did in bringing others to Christ and how he devoted his life to it caused a little tickle in their hearts and will cause them to think.

God please bless me with more opportunities like this precious one tonight!