Friday, September 6, 2013

33 Weeks....Only 33 weeks?!

I am 33 weeks, the baby is about the size of a pineapple now. Only at the MOST 9 more weeks before things WILL happen, 7 before it's more likely. 4 more weeks before I think things are going to happen (we'll see....I could be very wrong...) and like 2 more weeks before things COULD happen if my dates are right! Yikes!! lol 2 more weeks before I need to be ready. That is an interesting thought. I just stopped writing and said that to my hubby. That is in the middle of September. Yikesters! Come on Baby B, lets have a September birthday; Uncle Hunter will really that, so will Grandpa D. So will mommy!! lol
I have found that this time around I am more anxious than I was with Levi. I think it is because I want to get labor over with and have my baby where as last time I was anxious about labor (don't get me wrong, I am still nervous; prepared, but still nervous) and didn't really want it to come. lol

I had an appointment on Tuesday and we went over the birth plan. Let me just say that Patricia is so far my favorite midwife that I have met down here. She is older, which for me is comforting for some reason; maybe because she seems more motherly? And she is great with Levi which is also good. Levi wanted her to hold him and he sat in her lap for most of the appointment. What an awesome lady; so much better than a doctor. She took her time with us, answered all of our questions. And said our birth plan was great. I have been having a ton of contractions. Today I wasn't even doing anything (I was sitting watching Doctor Quinn.....after my chores were done and dinner was cooking of course lol) and I started getting contractions. Stress from the show I guess. They aren't doing anything as I am not dilated at all yet. Baby was engaged for a bit, then by the time my appointment came, he was back out  again. I guess this is normal.

Hospital bag is ready and packed along with baby's bag. I should post pictures of what I, I think tomorrow I will take pictures. Belly pictures, fruit veggie pictures, and hospital bag pictures for those who are curious as to what I have in there. I am prepping my prefold cloth diapers right now. I have all the covers and prefolds I need. I do need to get some snappis or some pins, but figure if I HAVE to, I can use them without. Plus, we did receive some disposable. I made some cloth wipes as well. Bassinet is finally here and all ready. Cloths are all in the dresser. I'm excited. :) We will have a new little one here soon. I miss the baby stage for sure. I can't wait to have another one in the house. But, I also want to make sure to make Levi feel loved as well if that makes sense.

I am also trying to prep foods for us to eat that are easy to warm up and eat for after the baby is born. I was a bit stressed because our diet is a little different and it makes it more difficult to come up with easy foods to freeze, but I have been able to figure it out. I am hoping to make some granola, more french toast, and chili tomorrow. That is the game plan I have a lot I want to get done tomorrow. lol

Well, I am going to make some popcorn and hubby and I are going to watch America's Got talent. Had a great evening playing at the park, now it's mommy and daddy down time. Pictures and maybe more on the fun day we had today tomorrow.