Monday, June 25, 2012

Thankfulness Mondays

Now I realize that today is Monday. But, that is why I wanted to start posting things I am grateful for on Mondays. It is the day that most people struggle with having a ho hum attitude or being depressed. I used to do Thankful Tuesdays because It’s the melancholy in me I guess. But then I thought about it and decided Mondays were a much better day....though every single day is a perfect day to be thankful on.

So, a story first about my amazing husband and how thankful I am for him. He kidnapped me for our anniversary and had my hair, etc. all done. (a blog post for another time for those of you haven’t heard this awesome story!) My new do needed the help of a few tools to make it look like what the young lady in the salon had created. We were heading out to a business seminar and he volunteered to go get me some hairspray. Not only did he volunteer to go get hairspray for me without me asking, he went to a beauty salon and showed the girls a picture of my hairdo and told them to show him everything that was needed to style it that way. :) And guess what? He bought it all and brought it home to me. It was the sweetest thing! He is always doing things like that!! I’m so blessed.

1) sunshine
2)little ones fast asleep in my arms
3)a new 50’s style apartment
4) moving in a few weeks
5) a place to call “ours”
6) knowing I’m needed
7) runs and sweat!
8) camping cook stove
9) a husband who is willing to cook
10) A husband who goes grocery shopping....voluntarily!
11) cloth diapers
12) smiles
13) comfort knowing my God is in complete control
14) good books
15) grace of God to help me sit and read thus said good books
16) warm weather
17) summer
18)raspberry lemonade (it rocks!)
19) good friends to talk to
20) funny ferrets who annoy the heck out of me but also always make me chuckle
21) cuddling with my best friend
22) watching movies with my best friend
23) geocaching with my best friend and falling on my butt while geocaching and baby wearing all at the same time!
24) love language lists
25)Putting my little one today down for a nap and hearing his contented giggles and squeals 

26)Knowing my best friend will be walking in that door any minute

I am so blessed. My life is so full. I need to realize this and live this. I need to be thankful and grateful more instead of bitter and resentful. God is awesome and has blessed me with so much. Let’s thank Him together today. Remember that there is always something to tell him thank you for. :)