Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Being Aware of Answered Prayers

I have been praying for John and his work for a while, not as consistently as I should be though I’ll admit. I had been praying that he would get some listings and that things would start to pick up. Well, he came home the other day and told me that he was hosting his very own open house this upcoming Sunday. My first reaction was to pray that it went well and he was able to get his name out there and get some potential clients. It is on a very busy road so he’s sure to get lots of people stopping in to check out the house.

Then it hit me. I had prayed that things would start to be more productive at work. And guess what, they did! But instead of praising God and thanking Him for not only providing but answering my prayers, I just asked Him for more things. How selfish of me! He had provided! He deserved to be thanked and praised! I sat right down and thanked Him for being providing such wonderful things and for taking care of us. He is so awesome.

Then, a few other things happened as well that are exciting. God is definitely providing.

So the point that I learned is we need to be aware of what God is doing in our lives. He is always working. When we pray for something, remember that He ALWAYS answers and we need to be thankful for His answers. I find it so easy to take for granted the blessings that He provides but to notice the negative that is in my life. I need to be more aware of the blessings and to shower my wonderful Lord with praise and thanksgiving for those things.

Praying that this lesson sticks with me and that I become more and more grateful. God rocks! Let’s make sure we tell Him that and that others know as well! :)