Monday, July 15, 2013

25 Weeks 7 months!!!

I have been doing poorly with my weekly belly pictures and my facebook profile pictures. The facebook one is because the fruits/veggies are getting weird and I don't normally buy them, so I forget when I'm at the store to pick them up. It's lame though! And, we are without internet at home. I will strive to take some belly pictures tonight or tomorrow though. But, until then, I figured I could at least update my blog on what is going on.

I am 25 weeks now, or depending and hopefully could be 27 weeks! Yesterday we went to the hospital for a very uneventful but LONG evening. I was told that it was recommend that I go in because I was having symptoms of preterm labor that ended up being nothing, but they wanted to make sure. And they really aren't sure what caused it either since I'm drinking tons of water and such. But either way, everything is great and my body was just being really achy and crampy. But what should have been a short visit turned into a 5 hour long visit. They were busy....and they forgot about me...then they had a shift change.....We got there at 4:15 and left at 10. Poor John and Levi were tired and cranky. Because we had Levi with us, John and him were not allowed to come back and sit with me (I was in triage the whole time). It was REALLY boring. And, I saw a doctor instead of a midwife and had a lot of residents coming in and such which I also didn't like. The cramping and such didn't phase me as much as the baby not moving all day. That is what made me a tad nervous. Of course, as soon as I was in the hopsital and couldn't just be discharged, baby started moving a tiny bit and as soon as we got home, baby decided it was time to party! Baby B was moving around so much and so hard it hurt. lol But regardless, everything is golden. 

Baby should be about 1.5 lbs (or as much as 2 pounds) and is anywhere from 12-15 inches right now. My weight gain hasn't gone up (though it hasn't gone down yet) for a few weeks, so I am thankful for that. I am still over what I "should" be if I am only 25 weeks, but right where I should be if I'm 27. lol I have noticed I am a bit more hormonal lately. But because I am aware of it, I am able to fix it or at least explain to John that there is no real reason I am crying. I also notice this time around that the heat bothers me a lot more than it did with Levi, but with Levi I was only about 18 weeks in August where as this time around, I am about 10 weeks ahead....I think? So, maybe because I'm "more pregnant" during the hot weather, I'm noticing it more.

I am taking a bit of a break on exercising and not gonna lie, I feel really guilty and lazy, but I have been having a lot of cramping and braxton hicks, so I figured it is best to just take a break for a bit. John has been telling me I've been working out too much. I don't think I have been, but I am okay with a break. I feel bittersweet about it. Getting on a scale freaks me out even more now though.

It seems like Baby B is still sideways. I only ever feel movements down below and on either side. My placenta is really high though so they said that may be why I never feel movements up top. I just assumed that Baby was strong enough to kick so that I would feel it through the placenta; obviously not.

So that is what is going on lately. Nothing too exciting. Just normal stuff. Hoping to get some pictures up soon. Until then, here are some recent pictures: