Monday, July 8, 2013

Mundane Monday

It's Monday again and typically it's a blue-ish type day. Especially today. It was gloomy and very stormy here, but not gonna lie, I LOVED it. Except running errands in it. I ended up accidently going when it poured the hardest and had to make multiple stops....with Levi....and a lot of bags...and an umbrella. Difficult, but I finished it! lol But, whether you like the rain or not, we have reasons to be thankful today. Here are some of mine:

1) A husband who takes the time to talk to me and fill my love tank making sure that when we are done having a discussion, he reassures me that I am loved. For some reason, that is something I need that whenever we fight or have a discussion even after we've made up.
2) A clean house
3) Our little wonder washer that helps make washing clothes so much more convenient
4) Pretty flower arrangements on our porch from my aunt and grandma
5) Dishes done (trust me, this is ONE of my most hated chores! Love it when it's accomplished!)
6) Extra time to blog today because I got my chores done early
7) A wonderful weekend filled with lots of family time
8) A great pet sitter who took wonderful care of our pets and bought the baby a few surprises
9) People who encourage, edify, and compliment (I need to work on this!)
10) My husband (he just walked in the door and even though I was doing good after our "discussion" asked me first thing how I was doing and if I was still okay.)
11) Water!!! lol
12) Being over half way done with the pregnancy. Enjoying all of it so far, though also very anxious to meet the little one
13) My family. I love how we can just have a blast together (I will have to post videos and pictures to show just how goofy we get lol)

I hope you have or choose to have a wonderful Monday. Remember, it is what you make it. With God, this can be the best day ever!!!