Monday, July 22, 2013

Mundane Monday

Why do you think Monday's can be so tough? I am not sure. But, I believe it has something to do with the fact that we have idols. Shocked at that answer? Let me explain and see if I can help you understand where I am coming from. We all would admit we have idols in our life. Or maybe we wouldn't, but we know that we do. I heard a quote the other day that stated "What we idolize, we demonize."
When ever we look to something other than God to be our ultimate joy, happiness, encouragement, rest, we are never satisfied. So, by idolizing the weekend or time off or a vacation, etc. we are left unsatisfied on Mondays and dreading the week ahead because the time we had over the weekend how ever great it was, was not good enough. It did not satisfy us; we want more.  Monday rolls around and we are left drained and wishing it was still the weekend. What could happen if we were wholly satisfied in God? What if, we realized that each and every day is a blessing from God. Each hour we can use to bring glory to Him? We realize that on Monday when everyone else has a poor attitude, we can be different. We can show the world they don't have to be gloomy on Mondays, or any other day. They can have true joy regardless of when their last day off was. Of course, I'm not saying this is easy. Some of you work really hard, but regardless if you work inside or outside the home, hardly ever have a day off or don't have a job at all, this is still a struggle.  So, let's look to God to find our true joy and thank Him for the blessing of Mondays. :) Here are some of the wonderful things I am thankful for today:
1) Air Conditioning
2) The blessing of maternity clothes from a friend. I have so much to wear now!!!
3) A caring husband who has told me not to let our "useless" hospital visit hinder me from saying something if I think I need to call again
4) An amazing husband who asks if I am still having those same symptoms and how I'm doing
5) An awesome husband who asks how the baby is doing and if it's been moving a lot
6) Watching John and Levi play together
7)My hard working man who works just as hard despite doing the Master Cleanse for 25 days in a row! (He's on day 8. He's doing great!) (Sidenote, noticing a theme? lol)
8)Sunshine even though it makes everything hot
9) A car without air...yes I am thankful for that, it helps me save gas because I don't want to drive anywhere lol

10) A very happy little boy who sometimes needs attitude adjustments but bounces back quicker than me!