Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hospital Bag with Pictures

Here is what I have in Baby B's bag. 

 I am bringing a diaper bag even though it isn't very full. We had a lot of stuff that we brought home from the hospital with Levi, so I figure we can pack the extra stuff inside the diaper bag. IN this picture you see the diaper bag, a hat I crocheted for him just in case it is really chilly (though it isn't looking like it will be with this hot Indian summer) and in the turquoise pack, I have extra snot suckers, nail file, etc. We never needed this with Levi, but I keep it in the diaper bag anyways, and even though the hospital gave us snot suckers, there were a few times where we couldn't find it and he was choking and we needed it fast, so I figured a few extra on hand would be good.

Here I have a black nursing cover. With the nurses and random doctors and friends and such coming in and out, I had a hard time making sure that I was covered up. Most people knock, but then as soon as they knock, they come right in. lol Doesn't give you much time, so I figured I'd bring this and if it gets used, wonderful, if not again it will need to stay in the diaper bag anyways.
On the top right, I have burp cloths. Another thing I don't remember needing, but whatever....I'd rather have it than regret not having it.Then in the bottom left corner, I have a summer swaddle blanket. Now, we hardly used this one at home because Levi was so tiny and the Velcro wouldn't make it tight enough, BUT we did love the swaddle blankets better than actually just swaddling with a regular blanket and it has slots for the carseat belts, so I can swaddle the baby while in the carseat. So, that is the reason I am bringing that. I also have a blue regular blanket just because, though the hospital provides those too, but there is an awful lot of pink in those blankets they provide. Icky!! :P
Here I have 3 onsies (some preemie because Levi fit preemie stuff, and two regular size in case one gets dirty). Two of those night gown things because they make changing diapers SOO easy, and I am mainly bringing the plain white one because of the photography they will be doing that I talked about here
Then two pairs of pjs, again two only because of the size. A few pairs of socks, and then some scratch mittens. 

Now for some of the things that are in MY bag.

 First, I have a blanket from home. The ones at the hospital are great, but having one from home is first comforting and a bit warmer. The yellow thing with the stars is a nursing nightgown I got at goodwill before I had Levi. It isn't pretty really, but it makes nursing easier and will be better than wearing the hospital gown after the baby is born. Underneath that I have two nursing tank tops. SOOOO comfortable and make a nice easy outfit. Add them with sweats or jeans and will just make me feel more human.

Here I have some "going home outfits." I picked out a few because I don't know how I will feel and what will be comfortable. I have a pair of sweats and a nice comfy and baggy sweatshirt. Then I have maternity jeans and a nice baggy cowl neck shirt that is loverly and perfect for nursing while hiding my still looking pregnant belly. I also have a nursing t-shirt that is a loverly light blue with a brown shaw and a blue scarf. All things I find gorgeous, comfortable, yet easy to hide that postpartum belly so I don't get depressed. lol

Here I have a towel from home along with a wash cloth. The one at the hospital was so tiny and thin. Also, in my birth plan, I have that I want to take a bath AS SOON as I can after baby is born. I want to have like an hour of bonding and attempting to breastfeed, then while they are cleaning baby up and doing tests, I want to get into the bath (using my bath herbs which I'll talk about below). I have makeup bag which has some shampoo and conditioner, body wash from home, perfume, some makeup (simple things like foundation, powder, lip gloss...stuff so I feel fresh and pretty when people come....if I actually I didn't bring this with Levi and to be honest, I'm not sure if I would have used it, but after I wished I had freshened up and made myself look nicer. Just would have felt better about myself....all you ladies who have had kids will understand. lol). I also brought a straightener. I used the bath to help with the pain of labor last time and my curly hair went all Miss Frizzle on me. I have a sports bra that will be perfect for the bath. Last time, I didn't use it and wished I had been a bit more covered up. Of course I have nursing bras (two or three in different sizes because I'm not sure which size I will need), a few pairs of underwear that I don't mind throwing away. Socks, and wool socks. The undies I just used the hospital ones and they worked well because I didn't have to worry about anything and could just throw them away. But, I'm bringing some of mine I can throw away in case I want something And of course flip flops...for the shower or just walking around. Easy on and easy off.

Here are the bath herbs. These things are AMAZING. A little back story ,with Levi, I only had ONE stitch! ONE! I knew labor was almost done and pushed him out hard and fast in like three pushes, I didn't really breath him out so I ripped a bit. That one single stitch caused a lot of issues. I ended up in the hospital with a fever and a bad infection from it. What a sissy! lol Anyways, I want to wash up right away and my midwife said I can soak in the bath ASAP as long as I am not bleeding too heavily. I am going to place one of these in the bath to help with healing. Lots of wonderful healing herbs in there. If for some reason I can't soak right away, you can steep these like tea, then place in the freezer (for right after baby is born, great warm also for a little later), and then place in a pad. So either way, I will be using these.

In this bag, I have pens and a pad of paper for anything we need to right down or remember. A baggy that I am keeping change in for vending machines (though I doubt we will use these, we don't really eat stuff out of the vending machine.). Then a baggy with at least two sets of headphones (John creates this fantastic hypnosis/brainwave playlist for me and it helped SOOO much during labor with Levi. He said that one time when it shut off I asked him to hurry and put it back on. I loved the distraction and it blocked out everything else around me. And two extra chargers. I will need to pack my laptop and charger, and such...but obviously that is something I won't pack until we leave.

Then, last but not least, my thank you baggies for the nurses. I will do a post of what I am putting in there later. I am planning on buying candy/treats/chocolate to put in them too.

I still have a few things I may want to add. I don't want to over pack and want to pack leaving the hospital easy without too much clutter, but I also want to make sure I have everything we can use and not regret not having something if that makes sense. I also have started preparing snacks to take too. Each week I buy one or two things with our grocery budget to stick in my snack bag for the hospital. The cafeteria at the hospital closes at 7:30 and with Levi, by the time I was cleaned up and we could think, we were both starving, but there was no place open or that delivered. John ran out to a pizza place and brought us some food. It was inconvenient and frustrating for both of us. They had some snacks at the labor and delivery which was nice, but that was mainly just for me and it was stuff like fruit cups and such. At this hospital. they have a few places that are open later and I believe one place that is open 24/7, so even if I have the baby late, we'll be able to get some food right at the hospital without John having to leave. That will be very nice. I am still bringing snacks though. Cheaper for one, and then John can eat something while I am in labor if he needs to and such.
So, that is what I have packed. I am not bringing things like pads, diapers, wet wipes, and such. They provide that at the hospital and allow you to take stuff home, so that is not needed.
Is there anything you think I'm missing? Or is this too much? I find myself bringing more stuff this time around as opposed to what most people do and bring less. I hardly brought anything when I had Levi. It all fit in a small reusable grocery bag. lol What are you taking?