Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thankful for God's Grace

God is amazing and I wanted to brag on one of the ways He is so awesome. Some days as a mother are difficult, but then there are moments even in the difficult times where I can see God working through my little mans heart and life, even if it is just to encourage me as a mom. For example, when I tell Levi that it is time to change his diaper and he proceeds to pick up ALL of his toys without me even asking then comes promptly over to get his diaper changed. Totally a God thing. What a good helper. Or when it is time for a nap and he runs over the the rocking chair and pats it saying "read! read!" when I was struggling to encourage him to enjoy reading. God is awesome. Or when in the evening, I laid him down and as I was covering him up, he folded his hands and said "pray.". We pray at meal times and he knows that, but I have never prayed with him at bedtime; shame on mommy. Guess we need to start working on that one especially since he's asking to pray together before bed.

Sometimes I am so thankful for how good he is and I wish I could just let him know I am very  proud of him. But since he may not quite understand that yet (though I do tell him often), I can thank God that He is working in Him and it is not me or John as a parent but God who blesses us. Again, there are hard times yes. there are stubborn times. And lately we are getting to that "testing" stage, but it is all a chance to help him to grow as a person and a leader and a man. So, despite it being difficult, there are lots of little blessings to be thankful for. :) (As I finished writing this, I told him to not do something he and he slowly proceeded to do it with a smile.....lol ah.....:P)