Monday, September 9, 2013

Mundane Monday....a bit different than normal

So, I wanted to write a mundane Monday post, but this time instead of just randomly listing off some things (though I still may at the end), I am going to just talk about what has been going on and why I feel blessed.

I feel blessed because despite having hurt feelings, my husband still came to me and apologized and made things better. We had a wonderful time at the Metropark walking in nature trails, playing with toads which Levi had issues with....

finding strange birds, and then listening to a wonderful big band play to end the night. It was a great day.

I am grateful because I was able to buy groceries within budget, while buying 2 things this week to pack as snacks for the hospital AND getting a few extra things to make freezer meals for when baby if you add it up, I was technically UNDER budget because those foods won't be used this week at all.

I am blessed because I have had a great pregnancy, I am healthy, baby is healthy and crazy active, and we get to meet him soon! We will be a family of 4 soon. God's grace is amazing. I have always heard that the hardest number of children to have is two, anything before or after that is easy. lol But, God is gracious and He is the one that provides us with the strength and wisdom we need. I am excited to lean on Him. :)

God has blessed us with so much. My husband is so amazing. Always asking me how I am doing or if there is anything he can do. I have been having more "tough pregnancy days" than normal ones lately (nothing horrible, but enough to make me less energetic and more just lazy because of the aches and pains) and he doesn't ever complain. Blessed because he works so hard to provide for our family and is always coming up with new ideas to improve work.

God has blessed me with so much. I heard a quote from somewhere, not sure where, but it said "We have no right to be unjoyful." It was basically talking about if we are Christians and we are unjoyful, we are shaking our fists at God. This is hard sometimes, but my prayer lately has been for God to keep this in my mind each time I feel down and icky. I have no right; God has done SOO much for me.

Whether your rough day is Monday or Friday, shake off that feeling of "ickiness." We are extremely blessed. Let us praise God...and giggle at this picture one last time: