Saturday, June 15, 2013

21 Weeks...a little over half way!

 We are officially past the halfway mark. 19 more weeks to go! That's exciting to me!! :) I am at the point where if I stood up straight and proper, you still wouldn't be able to tell....though I've gained more than what I am supposed to for the week I am in (still hoping at my appointment this week, my midwife tells me she thinks I am further along than I really am! That would rock!!). We haven't really announced on facebook. What we have been doing is every week, I post a picture of a piece of fruit or veggie that the baby is the size of that week. Of course, all of the mom's or pregnant ladies are figuring it out. Everyone else who doesn't really follow my blog hasn't yet. It's fun. :) Here is this week's photo....what else would you do with a banana? My husband has been the genius behind all the picture ideas. It was his idea to do this for my profile picture every week too. He's a genius like that.
So what is new? Not much really. I go in for another ultrasound on Monday because at the last one, the baby wasn't in the correct position to clearly view the heart, so nothing looked wrong at all, they just like to get a good picture of it. I don't mind, I get another ultrasound. :) Hoping that maybe they can do some 4D this time?

How far along: 21 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Weight Loss: I'm not sure...I think I am still in the 12-13 pound range? 

Maternity Clothes: I have worn them, but not because I have too. I can still fit into all my normal clothes, I just think the other clothes are cute and they are "new to me."

Stretch Marks: None so far, hoping with water and lotion I can avoid it like I did with Levi.I talked about here how I made my own tummy butter.

Sleep: Sleep is all right, I was struggling with insomnia and it was making work difficult, but it isn't so bad now. Only when I try to nap even when I am very tired do I have insomnia. And, insomnia has been better lately which is a huge blessing.

Movement: Definitely feeling baby moves now. It seems like whenever I lean against something, the baby kicks it? Coincidence? Not sure....

Cravings: I'm not sure, I crave stuff, but like I said with the last pregnancy, it is no excuse to just cave. You have cravings whether or not you are pregnant. I do sometimes cave, but because we don't keep a lot of the stuff I crave in the house (and we don't do white flours or sugars, etc), I just have to suck it up and deal. lol

Gender: We know!! But aren't telling....yet! lol

Labor Signs: None obviously and thank goodness! Not even braxton hicks. I can't remember how early those started with Levi, but it was fairly early.....I

Belly Button-In or out:  In still, it didn't "pop" until I was really late into my pregnancy with Levi.

What I miss: Probably still my body, but I am trying to work hard now so that after the baby is born, I will bounce back quicker. 

What I am looking forward to: Reaching the next milestone which is 3rd trimester (5 more weeks!)