Monday, June 24, 2013

Mundane Monday

Is it Monday already?! What a great weekend I had! Here are a few pictures from my wonderful weekend....

Grilling!! Yummo! He cooked it to perfection.

Our yummy "hobo dinner."


Eating said food!

Attempting to get a picture of us
It was a really fun weekend and the pictures are just from Sunday. We went to Detroit Riverfest on Friday and had a blast. It was a great time. Here is a video from that as well. 

But alas, it is Monday again. Not going to lie, but it's been a tad bit of a rough Monday for me. Not really emotionally, but physically. I feel just exhausted and all crampy and achy with braxton hicks. Plus, it is HOT!!! lol I normally relish in the heat, but not at the moment...of the past few days. Wonder if it's because I'm pregnant and I am affected by the heat more? Not sure. But, I have been trying to get all of my chores done early so that I can just sit and enjoy and read and not feel like I've been lazy all day. And, despite feeling icky, God provided me with the strength to workout and it was--I feel--a good workout. Not long, but definitely good. Got my heartrate up, did interval training, a few zumba videos, strength training, core workout. Yep, it was great. :) It also gave me energy!! Who knew! And my braxton hicks and cramps are gone...for now. I've read that exercise minimizes the cramps and achiness you feel...maybe it worked. 

I am hoping to get my weekly pictures done today. I'm a tad behind. I am going to do week 21 and week 22 since I am 22 weeks on Wednesday, but still haven't done week 21 yet. lol I'll post an update on that shortly. 

Anywho, back to our normal Mundane Monday. Here are some things I am grateful for today:

1)Heat, even though it wears me out. I do enjoy it.....most of the time.
2)Naptime!! I didn't get mine today, but at least Levi took a good one so I was able to accomplish a lot.
3)Possible thunderstorms coming in!!
4)Under-budget grocery shopping.
5)4th of July holiday coming up!!
6)Being sleepy, but content.
7)An amazing husband who tries to find better ways of explaining things and handles my emotions graciously and so lovingly. 
8)Chores being ALMOST done. Gotta finish them up. Going to do it all now so that i can just sit and relax and not feel bad.