Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yay for Braxton Hicks!!

I started feeling braxton hicks contractions around last week and guess what? I'm thrilled! I love braxton hicks. Yes, they are uncomfortable, but they are just getting my body ready for labor and the more I have the better my uterus is prepared and rearing to go! lol With Levi, they were never too painful, just uncomfortable and felt like even just sitting doing nothing, I was doing ab workouts. lol

I have also been researching different birthing positions. We went completely natural with Levi (to the point where I wasn't even monitored really, etc.) and definitely plan on doing it again this time. I tore a tiny bit but that was because I pushed him out so darn fast, he was out in no time. lol I didn't listen when they said to slow down, but regardless, I have been researching having this baby while squatting as I've heard it really reduces any damage at all done including tearing as it opens everything up better. I'm going to continue to research and talk to my midwife about it. I also plan on starting to drink raspberry tea now too. It helps make your uterus stronger and helps after the baby is born for a faster recovery.

Plus, doing ab workouts and squats during pregnancy helps a ton too. It sucks doing all that now, but I'm trying to think ahead. With Levi, even though he was so small and I only had a tiny tear, I ended up with an infection and it was NOT fun!! I thought I was being a big baby, but we ended up in the ER on Christmas Eve because I got what they considered too high of a fever. They fixed it and after they fixed me up, my recovery time was WAY quicker! So, I'm looking into ways to prevent tearing as well as if I do, how to heal up quickly and without infection. Ah, the things you know the second time around. lol