Monday, June 17, 2013

Ultrasound Pictures!!!

So, we had another ultrasound today just to get a picture of baby Brine's heart, and I thought I would post all of the ultra sound pictures that we have so far for you to see. :) Nothing too exciting and they all look the same to me, but it's still fun. :)
This is a 6 week ultra sound. You can kind of see the baby has legs and arms here. Really tiny.
This is the baby looking right at us....can you see the slightly creepy skull looking face? This is 19 weeks.

Bottom of one of the feet.

Staring at us again.....

Here are some from today at 21 weeks.

And a 4D one of the babies foot. 
 So, I thought it was fun. :) I always like doing the ultrasounds for some reason. It's fun to watch baby move and such. Today we got to watch Baby Brines drinking....slightly gross that it's drinking the amniotic fluid and then peeing it out...and then drinking it again. lol But the pee isn't like our pee yet. No icky toxins in it, still it's weird. lol But way to go baby! Practice those nursing, sucking, and drinking reflexes! Getting ready! :)