Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eating Healthy...While Pregnant?! Mini Series Part 2

So, in the last post here, I shared about how eating healthy while pregnant IS indeed possible...if we don't follow those myths about eating and exercising while pregnant that are spread around. It is tough, but so is eating healthy when you aren't pregnant, so why not start now? No time like the present right?!

Anywho, so I said I would post some things I am trying to do to eat and just be healthier over all this pregnancy. Here are a few things:

1) I try to eat at least 6-8 meals a day. Small meals with snacks in between.
2) I try to drink lots of water. Right now, I am upping it to one gallon of water per day. It helps tremendously with a ton of things. Helps to reduce swelling, reduces or prevents cellulite, makes your skin look great, helps boost metabolism, helps curb hunger, flushes out yucky stuff from your system.
3)Exercise. (I posted a few posts on exercising here and here.) It helps my appetite, burns calories, AND when I exercise, I am actually motivated to eat better because I don't want to waste all that hard work. lol
4)As weird as it is, I love looking at before and after pictures of people. It really motivates me.
5)I use My Fitness Pal big time. It's a great website where you can interact with others, see success stories, log exercise and food, etc. It's amazing.

Later, in another quick post for this mini series, I am going to share what our diet used to be and what it is now. I definitely feel great. And possibly in that post or maybe I'll do a separate post, but I want to talk about supplements during pregnancy as well.

What are some ways you are striving to eat healthy or things that you have found to be helpful? Please comment below. I'd love to read your tips!