Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eating Healthy....While Pregnant? Mini Series Part 3

Well, as promised, here is the post on what our eating habits are....or what we strive for them to be. Let me give a little back ground. I was "raised" a country girl. I was born in the city, but when I was 6, we moved up north and soon after started a hobby farm. We raised our own pigs, chickens (for meat and eggs), goats (for milk, yogurt, etc. we sold them for meat as well, but never ate the meat ourselves), had a huge garden. We would buy cow meat from friends of ours who raised them and my dad hunted...mainly deer. I was raised on meat. I was raised to raise my own meat or shoot it. lol When I met my husband (or shortly after we met...I can't remember the time frame exactly), he finished the Master Cleanse.

After you finish the Master Cleanse, it is recommended that you go on a vegan diet for around 30 days. Well, at the time he was a radio talk show host (he did that for a while and LOVED it...plus he rocked it and that is how we met.) and challenged his listeners that he'd go 30 days longer than the longest time frame a listener would do the vegan diet. One of his listeners said they'd go 60 days, so he went 90. He felt so good afterwards, he just adopted the vegan diet. Now, it was more of a 10% diet. After we got married, we did eat meat, but only fish. Other than that, we ate vegan everything. We did that for about two years. After two years, my husband wanted to reevaluate the diet and see if there was anything else. He wasn't seeing the results he was hoping for and we realized that even though we were vegan, we were the healthiest vegans out there. Things like oreos, bisquick, and crescent rolls are all vegan. lol Bad!! We ate a LOT of carbs. Plus, the oldest vegan out there looked no better than someone eating a "normal" american diet. He then decided we would start eating clean. There is no name for our diet now really. We try to even each meal out with equal amounts of protein and carbs and then have some healthy fats in there. We don't eat (or very rarely) processed foods. A typical dinner is chicken breasts with one veggie on the side and that's it. Some days it a bit heavier like a dish with rice and veggies, but if it is, I try to make sure the recipe has carbs and proteins equal in grams. We are no longer eating breads (when we do, it is Ezekiel bread which is fantastic). We aren't eating sugar or processed flours at all including whole wheat. We started eating eggs, chicken, and bison. We are also considering eating grass-fed beef, but haven't found any near us yet. The eggs are from cage free birds without any antibiotics, etc. The chickens are free of any junk as well. Also, we are not doing any cow dairy because of a certain protein that is in it. We are using goat dairy though as it does not have that protein in it (casein). Sometimes I still buy soy dairy (cheese and such) but since it is processed, I rarely buy that.

Now, we do have our 10% days I was talking about above. We don't have those often at all, but those are our days where we can eat whenever we want without really worrying about if it's dairy free, free range, etc. We try to keep them at least 6 months apart, but sometimes on certain holidays, we do one. But, this is an exception and not the norm.

So, this is how we are eating now. It is a tad more expensive than being vegan because we are eating meat AND dairy now and trying to eat less carbs (which tend to be cheap to eat/make especially since I was making my own breads and such). And the meat isn't cheap since it is more of an organic meat. We may end of reevaluating our diet in a few years, but for now this is how we are eating. With the fact that our proteins and carbs are equal, I love not having that food coma feeling after a meal. When I eat too many carbs, I hate that feeling. I feel full, but not bloated and overly stuffed. It's very nice.

Do you have a "special" diet? If so, what is it and why do you choose to eat that way?