Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Midwife Appointment!

I had a normal midwife appointment today, but I wanted to ask her a few questions. I kept track of my periods before getting pregnant and I noticed that the LMP we were going by was only 1-2 days long, so it got me thinking that maybe that was just implantation bleeding.
I decided to see how far along I would be if we went by the previous, mostly normal period. I would be 2 weeks ahead. Which, in my mind, would explain heavier weight gain on baby, me gaining more, and baby measuring bigger. I was also hoping this was the case just because it's more exciting to be further along. But she said baby was only measuring a week ahead and unless something changed where it's measuring over two weeks, they are going to stick with the original due date. At first I was a bit bummed. I mean I would get to have baby sooner, but then I realized I do NOT want to get an induction and want to go as long as I can without one (even if that means I am miserable and 42 weeks with still no signs of labor but a healthy and content baby still inside). If they were to push my due date ahead 2 weeks and then the baby ends up coming closer to the first due date, I'm afraid they would start to want to induce. But if we leave it where it is, and baby comes two weeks "ahead" it's fine and dandy. I won't get my hopes up that this will happen, but it's better this way. Other than that, baby looks great and I won't have another appointment for a month. She also said that my weight gain is perfectly normal. I was worried about that. And she said my diet is almost completely perfect. Score! lol So, nothing too exciting. Just a quick in and out appointment which is good because poor Levi just got a over a really high fever and I felt bad dragging him out like that.