Monday, June 17, 2013

Mundane Monday

It's back....Monday! Why?!?! I can understand the stigma behind not liking Mondays. You have just had (hopefully) a wonderful weekend doing whatever it is you did. Hanging out with friends, spending time with your husband and kids, or just being by yourself and pampering. Whatever you did, you were able to choose what to do with your time. You didn't really have a schedule or at least not one that chose you since you most likely decided to go to things. But, now you have to get back to your schedule, whatever that is. Maybe it's working outside the home. Maybe it's back to the "hum drum" of home life while daddy goes back to work. Maybe it's going back to the grind of school. Whatever it is, it's back to routine. And that, for some reason, seems to suck the energy out of us. One way to not let that happen is to be thankful and praise God for everything. Whatever that is for you today. Here are just some of the things I am thankful for today:

2)A wonderful father's day spent with a lot of my family. It was a great day.
3)an extra ultrasound since Baby Brines was perfectly comfortable last time and didn't want to move so we could see the heart. I'm cool with another one. :)
4)Excited for my midwife appointment this week. Kinda hoping they do move my due date back a few weeks....doesn't matter either way, but it would be really nice since we'd get baby sooner!
5)A smaller work week (possibly less than two days!! though that does mean less money which is stinky..)
6)Having my husband home from a business trip.
7)Levi learning to walk.
8)Cloth diapers!
10)Exercise! Yes I am thankful for exercise! Even though the scale reads more than what i'd like, I feel so much better and more toned. Must be mostly muscle and baby eh? lol
11)Excited about the 4th of July. I have fun plans for John's birthday.
12)Redoing my glider.
13)Warm weather.
15)An opportunity to dive deeper into God's word because of a question I was asked and unable to answer. Love when that happens!

As Christians, we are called to a higher calling and view of Mondays. Mondays are a blessing from God. They are a chance to start the week out. A chance to partake in the most important work in the world, redemption--check out this video. Very convicting and definitely a help on these Munday Mondays to remember this: