Thursday, June 6, 2013

94 Percentile?! What!

We had an ultrasound today to measure baby and see how things were doing. Baby is still measuring 1 week ahead if not a bit more. Weight-wise the baby is measure almost 2.5 weeks heavier than normal. Weighing just over 11 oz at 18.5 weeks when 5.5 oz is normal. After having Levi who was really small born at only 5.14, I am hoping this kid isn't ridiculously large. lol I will find this all out at my next appointment which is next week. It could be just the fact that I am farther along than we originally thought which would be lovely! :) So far, at week 19, the baby is the size of a mango...though ours is a tad

Also, my placenta is really high up which is why I have only felt the baby kick in my lower abdomen. I feel the little one quite a bit down there, but never higher in my stomach which also explains why I don't feel the baby constantly because when it is higher up, the placenta acts like a pillow so the baby is kicking and such, but I can't feel it...well not until it gets bigger. lol

And, we also found out what the gender is; yes we know...and aren't saying a word yet! lol I believe I mentioned it in an earlier blog post that we are going to do a baby shower type thing and have everyone cast "bets" (ie. gifts) for which sex they think the baby is and we are asking everyone to bring gift receipts because half the people are going to be wrong. lol So, that is our plan for a gender reveal. With Levi, we didn't tell anyone (because we didn't know) until he was born and even then, John had them put a pink bow on the cradle and wrote "boy" on the back of it. My dad was the only one that caught on to it right away, everyone else thought Levi was a girl.

So, that is the news so far. Exciting stuff! :)