Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'll Just Write About It

So, as I am writing this, y’all are not aware of the fact that we are expecting Baby Brines # 2 yet....though if you are reading this, then you know. :) Yay!!

We are waiting to announce this time until after the “iffy” period is up--also known as the first trimester. Although, John would like to wait until after we have a doctor’s appointment to make sure everything is okay and then I will be in my second trimester. :) I am currently 12 weeks as I write...who knows how many weeks I am as you are reading this though.....for some of you I may not even be pregnant anymore or may have many more kids by now! lol Oh how I love blogs!

God has been awesome this pregnancy. John and I have been praying about my emotional stability and you know it has actually been good. I haven't even been getting frustrated or offended (I get offended at things John says or the way he says them often even when I wasn't pregnant) at things that normally would pregnant or not. It's only by the grace of God though. I'm sure it won't always go this good, but for now I am praising God that it has been going well. What makes the fact that my emotions have been in control is that I can't even try to brag on it because it is so amazing that it is totally all Him. Now of course, like I stated before, I know it won't always be easy, but it will be worth it and there are still times I blow it and am emotional, but they are not lasting as long or I am able to control them better. I am so thankful. I can see how being emotionally unstable causes me to cry out to God more though because when I am doing well, I forget to continue to cry out to Him and to praise Him for His grace and strength.  Physically this pregnancy has been going okay. My morning sickness isn't bad compared to others. I haven't thrown up, but I feel awful and tired. I feel really nauseous and bloated and it lasts all day. I force myself to eat and nothing sounds good. It seems to be worse than with Levi, but still no throwing up, so I'm great with that, but it's enough where my exercise has almost come to a halt. It's very frustrating because I see the weight packing on now, but I know soon I will be able to get back to working out.

We had an appointment and they scheduled me to an ultrasound asap because we had no clue how far along I was. My cycles had been very crazy since I had Levi and I also have endo. so that also messed them up, so I told her when I thought my last LMP was, but said I didn’t know because they are so messed up. We did figure it out obviously. :) That was about 6 weeks ago.

Levi is funny; I know that he doesn’t know I’m pregnant, but lately he’s been coming up to me and poking me in the stomach or patting my stomach because it’s getting a little tubby...right now it’s just from bloating, but there is a definite difference. lol If he wasn’t so darn cute I’d be offended (see

Anywho, I wanted to write about what is going on because I can’t really talk about it right now! My mom guessed right away with Levi but since we live so far away, her mother’s intuition isn’t as strong. :P Low signal or something.  We wanted to keep it to ourselves with Levi too until at least 12 weeks, but my mom just knew. lol In a way though it is making it seem a bit faster. A friend didn’t announce (at least not on facebook) that she was pregnant until she was 21 weeks with her second child. I think it may be fun to wait until then because then I will be more than halfway over! Though it may be hard for the grandparents to keep it to themselves until then! lol We’ll see.