Thursday, May 30, 2013

Apprehensions of a Pregnant Lady

So, as you all know, we are expecting again. And I must confess, I have a few apprehensions this time around. I thought I would share them with you. Why not, maybe some of you have or are having the same fears or worries? Maybe this will help. :)

My first apprehension is being emotional and hormonal. I want to be able to control that and be able to take a step back and realize it is only hormones that are making me that upset. I was really emotional with the first pregnancy and I’m nervous I will be again. I have been praying like crazy that God gives me the strength to be able to stay strong and lean on Him. And to also be able to explain to John that I am very tired and just need a break for a minute to “cool off.” Recently I had one of these moments. I knew I was getting really tired and so I took a breath, went into the bedroom and instead of just sitting, I did stuff and kept busy so I wasn’t able to feed myself negative lies and get resentful. Only by God’s grace was I able to shake it off. So that is my first thing I’m a bit nervous about.

The second thing is I have JUST hit a goal for my weight and muscle toning. I have my abs back and I got my belly button pierced as a reward (and only for John’s eyes, I might add!). I was thrilled. I am a bit apprehensive about gaining weight now with the pregnancy. I want to gain a healthy amount of weight, but still stay fit and trim. And I want to be able to keep my abs underneath the baby. It will make it easier to get them back afterwards.

The third thing is stretch marks. I didn’t get any with Levi. I am hoping it is genetics but also because of John buying me all sorts of good belly butter. So, I am praying that if I just do the same thing this time, I won’t get anything again. :)

The final thing is, my labor with Levi was tough yes. It was completely natural. Nothing for pain but a little hot water and some music. But, it was somewhat short. I labored in the middle of the night but was able to sleep through most of it. Woke up feeling fine, but the contractions were different. Had an appointment and was told I was dilating and to go home and eat and rest. I then went back home and we were told to labor at home until the contractions hit a certain amount of time apart (for this I was so thankful!) and we were only in the hospital for around 3 hours before Levi was actually born. And it went fast. I let my body do it all. I didn’t push until my body was ready, so because of that, I didn’t have to push for long. I did a few things during my pregnancy that were supposed to make labor easier. I drank raspberry herbal tea which is supposed to strengthen the uterus. I did ab workouts. I tried to make sure to do lots of cardio and be fit. I don’t know if these things worked, but my labor and pushing did not go on for long. They say that the first one is the longest, so I am really hoping that is true. I was IN labor for a while, but it wasn’t hard labor and I was able to handle it perfectly fine. So, I am a bit apprehensive that this one will take longer because I know each one is different. I am praying it is just as long or shorter than Levi’s birth.

In other words, my pregnancy with Levi had some rough spots emotionally, but it was over all a really great and easy pregnancy and birth. I’m sure things will be different, but I am hoping that they are as similar as possible. :) I didn’t really have these apprehensions the first time. Maybe because I didn’t have anything to compare it to and now I do? Have you ever had these feelings? It is good to know that no matter what, God is in control and cares about every little detail of our lives isn’t it? He is so awesome. :)

October will be here before I know it!